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Mobile-friendly automated corporate car fleet management


No physical key needed

100% Offline accessibility

Increased positive feedback from users


Customer review

“MOLO17’s mobile-first is realized with rare excellence and is an extraordinary final detail for us to provide to our clients. The strategic sharing of MOLO17 in our network allows a fast and dynamic approach to the market allowing us to adapt and scale very quickly according to the localizations of individual markets.”

Domenico Mangiacapra – Founder & CEO at Henshin Group Ltd



Henshin Group Ltd. with their expertise in the mobility field, was looking for a partner to develop an app for corporate car fleet management servicing one of the largest car rental companies with a goal of setting a new standard in the global mobility platforms market
Henshin Group selected MOLO17 to develop a mobile app that allows employees to book vehicles from their company’s fleet while integrating with the business logics and APIs provided by Henshin’s fleet management platform


Car fleet management app integrated with vehicle telematics for lower costs

Develop a business-grade app with a rich mobile-friendly interface that is integrated with the business logics and APIs provided by the customer’s fleet management platform. Connection to the vehicle telematics had to be integrated directly in-app to handle different use cases, such as the ability to lock and unlock vehicles even when there isn’t internet connection available. The app would allow users to select the date for a reservation, input custom vehicle parameters and check which vehicle is available and where it is located. The key-pair to unlock the vehicle would be synchronized on the mobile app at the right time


Intuitive mobile app for car rental from reservations to damage assessment

In partnership with MV Labs, MOLO17 developed a native App for both iOS and Android platforms that guarantees one of the largest car rental companies an intuitive system for corporate car fleet management and booking. From vehicle selection to remote locking and damages assessment, it allows employees to rent cars totally independently. Precise user interface

Extremely intuitive App that allows users to rent a car via a simple search by car type. According to customizable parameters, it allows customers to plan their route and to deliver the rented car in complete autonomy. The application notifies the start of a vehicle rental, customer records, user travel data and also features the option to call the customer service center directly

Vehicle telematics integration

This application shows contextual information, such as distance traveled and average fuel consumption, with an eye for safety (belts alarm and tire pressure) while also enabling interaction with the physical world, such as locking and unlocking the vehicle via smartphone

Since its launch, we achieved great customer feedback, ranking the app 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ in both iOS and Android mobile app stores

Achievements met with MOLO17

Leveraging MOLO17’s advanced solution, the client is now equipped to introduce a state-of-the-art Corporate Car Sharing Mobile App that has revolutionized their fleet management and employee transportation experience


Benefits realized with MOLO17

Management costs associated with in-person reservations are reduced and processes are sped up thanks to integration with vehicle telematics via both Internet and direct Bluetooth 4.0 connections

  • Simplified Booking Process
  • No Physical Key Requirement
  • Offline Vehicle Unlocking via BLE Connectivity
  • Advanced Damages Checklist Wizard
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility
  • Extended Usage for Personal Needs
  • Optimized for Enterprise Fleets

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