About MOLO17

Providing products and solutions to securely unlock enterprise data potential with no downtime and no impact to business continuity

Hear from our customers

We are really grateful to have met MOLO17 during the development process of the Mobile Apps for our brands: Terranova, Calliope and Rinascimento

This is not only for their great technical skills and “mobile first” approach, but also for their ability to support our digital innovation by sharing methodologies and strategic vision, understanding, adapting and foreshadowing our multi-brand and market needs, from e-commerce to loyalty system management. Partnering with MOLO17 means choosing a supplier that is not only excellent and experienced, but also capable of integrating technological evolutions into the development of the business plan

Andrea Arcangeli

Digital Director, Teddy Spa

Intesa Sanpaolo

Everything MOLO17 has delivered has always had an uncommon maturity of operation and operability, superior to other partners

For every release, the testing phase has been short and immediate. The team has always shown great speed to understand the requirement and develop it with agile solutions, modifiable without extreme changes to the architecture, which has been solidly built step by step

Marco Pastore

Head of Products and Services Development at Intesa Sanpaolo Smart Care

Trust MOLO17

We work with our NoSQL partners and customers to develop resilient forward-thinking products and data solutions tailored to enterprise needs, with the flexibility and growth options required by all successful businesses

Leveraging the best of NoSQL database technology, MOLO17 has built a 10-year track record for creating products and custom solutions to optimize access to real-time data across your enterprise apps, on-premise or in the cloud, including IoT and Edge solutions for the very latest in web, mobile and device delivery

Backed by our technology partners, our data solution experts work with you to analyze needs and develop uniform modern access points to accurate enterprise data, overcoming the limitations of legacy ETL processes, whether your data is in a single data lake or spread across multiple databases

We use our Gluesync product for data replication from SQL or NoSQL databases to NoSQL or Big Data applications, synchronizing data back to the source when required

No vendor lock-in

Prioritize an open approach for the best products and the most widely-accessible tools to avoid vendor lock-in


Agile methodology allows us to check solutions early and often

Best performance

Best possible performance with no impact to current business processes

Human Experience

The Human Experience (UX/UI) is paramount

MOLO17: a name, a number

Molo (Italian for pier) together with 17 evokes New York’s famous Pier 17, built in record time during the early years of the twentieth century by a group of Italians with stones shipped by sea from the mountains of Italy. MOLO17 reminds us of where we started and where we are headed: a small group of people who can overcome titanic challenges when working together and acting as a team, surviving the test of time to become a symbol of “made in Italy” recognized worldwide. 17 also happens to be the favorite prime number of Daniele Angeli, company founder!

Where to find us

Our core engineering team is based in Italy, and we are expanding our world-wide presence with partners and projects from the Middle East to the Americas. As of 2022, we have a North American headquarters

Pordenone, Italy

Viale Chiuso 13 - 33170
Pordenone (PN)

Cupertino, USA

North America HQ
MOLO17 Inc
20830 Stevens Creek Blvd #105
Cupertino, CA 95014
United States

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