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Data Modernization Solutions and Gluesync for Data Replication to NoSQL and beyond

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MOLO17 uses the best NoSQL technology as real-time data solutions for enterprise apps, from cloud to mobile and loT devices

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Liberate your data potential with Gluesync
accurate, on-time data

The de facto standard  for data replication to and from NoSQL databases for offloading, caching, analytics, data lake migration, or new data-intensive apps, with support for RDBMS, Data lakes, and Event Streaming services

Unleash the full potential of your data by moving it to a cost-efficient high-performance platform where real-time data access increases productivity and drives accurate decision-making. Use MOLO17’s Gluesync to continuously replicate data to and from your preferred NoSQL database and beyond with no business interruption

Gluesync infinite loop

Designed with your new modern data platform in mind

Data solutions for your business needs

We can modernize your data environment using the best from our NoSQL technology partners together with MOLO17 products and expertise in web and mobile solutions

We’ll guarantee a disruption-free experience and accurate on-time data wherever you need it

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