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Registered users can access our online help desk. If you would like to sign up for help desk support, contact us at:


  • Documentation

    Refer to the official GlueSync documentation for detailed information on how to set up and manage data replication between heterogeneous RDBMS and NoSQL databases

  • Tutorials

    Step-by-step instructions on setting up data replication between different database systems: from configuring source and target connections to monitoring the replication process


When we develop a custom solution for you, it comes with a warranty. Please check your contract for details. In addition, we offer several Atlantis subscription packages for support and ongoing maintenance.

Software maintenance plans


We keep the quality of the implemented solution constant over time. We strive to ensure that the investment maximizes its results from the go-live

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We support changes with specific activities aimed at the gradual achievement of business objectives: a path alongside industry experts available to guide the digital transformation together

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We start a path aimed at encouraging modernization of the business model in a strategic way, with an all-encompassing vision of value: sharing experiences from those who are in contact with the digital world and 360° services to achieve a single goal: to be the leader in the market

The software is constantly monitored in order to return metrics and alerts which report the status and allow us to anticipate possible issues. The support team follows service SLAs which are agreed upon at contract level and the application maintenance team regularly carries out maintenance of the applications also on third party libraries

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What is Atlantis?

Atlantis is a MOLO17 subscription service for support and maintenance of your custom digital solution after the expiration of the warranty period, it provides access to a set of services and tools to deliver high service standards

Maintenance is the last phase of the software lifecycle and it is fundamental to keep the software working perfectly by removing possible malfunctions, updating the environment and implementing, where necessary, evolutive maintenance activities to adapt to new user or business requirements

Atlantis service goes beyond all this and follows MOLO17 solutions right from release, adding new features and guaranteeing the value of the software (and of the investment) over time

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