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Nimble, quality-driven solutions for a disruption free digital transformation with TCO always in mind

Find out why customers choose MOLO17

We are really grateful to have met MOLO17 during the development process of the Mobile Apps for our brands: Terranova, Calliope and Rinascimento

This is not only for their great technical skills and “mobile first” approach, but also for their ability to support our digital innovation by sharing methodologies and strategic vision, understanding, adapting and foreshadowing our multi-brand and market needs, from e-commerce to loyalty system management. Partnering with MOLO17 means choosing a supplier that is not only excellent and experienced, but also capable of integrating technological evolutions into the development of the business plan

Andrea Arcangeli

Digital Director

Everything MOLO17 has delivered has always had an uncommon maturity of operation and operability, superior to other partners

For every release, the testing phase has been short and immediate. The team has always shown great speed to understand the requirement and develop it with agile solutions, modifiable without extreme changes to the architecture, which has been solidly built step by step

Marco Pastore

Head of Products and Services Development

Intesa Sanpaolo

What we can do for you

We address priority data needs across the enterprise, from integration of legacy systems through modern mobile/edge solutions that guarantee the correct data is available when you need it

We have successfully built environments to integrate data from traditional databases with cloud, web, mobile, edge, or device applications, focusing on the use of NoSQL databases for performance and scalability

Where we excel

Data Modernization

Scalable solutions that get data where it needs to be with no business downtime

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Data Integration

Replicate or migrate your enterprise data to offload legacy systems and increase performance

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Edge Solutions

Streamline processes by bringing data applications to mobile and edge devices for increased productivity

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Meeting your enterprise needs

Our skills in working with your business range from interconnectivity with tools already in use to managing costs for a better return on investment. We know you need performance, reliability, and the ability to scale as your business grows. We’ll use the latest data protection technology, providing timely, proactive maintenance and updates. Whatever your business, we can help


Real-time enable MES interfaces, blazing fast configurators and IoT solutions to ignite the industrial revolution

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Medical and Emergency Services

Offline-first battle-tested solutions for emergency communications management on land or at sea

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E-Commerce & Retail

Unprecedented scalability and SLAs, in Ecommerce, configurators and digital point-of-sale

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Smart Mobility & Logistics

We're behind famous Mobile & web frontend apps empowering mobility brands worldwide

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Banking & Finance

Achieve real-time agility, offload legacy system of records and process transactions at scale

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Energy & Utilities

Telemetry and workforce management apps for smart energy industries and utilities

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 Quality all the way

At MOLO17, our approach to building enterprise software solutions is to offer the best without compromise
The entire development and project management cycle is managed, leaving nothing to chance. Our custom applications are unbreakable and the quality of what we release is above industry standards. We have the data to prove it: in just one example, the 80,000 users connected every minute to a famous e-commerce app used all over Europe register 100% crash-free rate

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