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Giving sense to equipment IIoT data to support experts & end-users


Reduced machinery downtime

Enhanced data accuracy and better decision making

Reduced maintenance costs

Increased user satisfaction and usability scores




Galdi is one of the leading suppliers of automatic filling machines for packaging, bottling and filling food products. They design and develop machines that are used all over the world. Their international growth has prompted Galdi to improve customer service by offering a way to constantly monitor filling machines and provide daily performance and output alerts and reports via the portal


Generate metrics from machine data for optimal machine use by all stakeholders

With the goal of minimizing downtime and managing machine performance, Galdi wanted an IoT platform capable of collecting, aggregating and calculating KPIs from all the data collected by filling machines. It was important that the final application could be targeted to different users, from Galdi technicians to end users of filling machines


Customized dashboards to monitor and manage machine performance

MOLO17 developed a dashboard capable of showing both internal operators and end customers the efficiency and KPI of industrial machinery, profiled by user. The solution allows the service desk to monitor and promptly address machinery malfunctions or alarms all over the world, correlating all the data necessary to allow informed and immediate decisions, based on the specific parameters of the machinery and on the synthetic overview of trend data (MME/OEE). The new system was integrated with the customer’s existing InfluxDB time series database, Eurotech IoT gateways and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customized analytics dashboard

Each customer/user can gain authenticated access to a secure area that displays all their machine data: KPI, alarm and connection status. At the same time, Galdi support staff can use the dashboard to investigate support requests and provide timely and proactive assistance to the end customer

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration

This solution also integrates with the Galdi’s CRM to allow direct association of machines with users and manage system access permissions for end customers, customizing viewing permissions on user level data

Achievements met with MOLO17

With the integration of MOLO17’s IoT platform, the manufacturing domain has been definitively enhanced, offering a sophisticated, real-time monitoring system for industrial machinery. This has not only improved the overall efficiency but has also provided invaluable insights into machinery performance



The transformative benefits of MOLO17 solution

  • Comprehensive user-profiled dashboard
  • Real-time monitoring for efficiency
  • Global malfunctions & alarms detection
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Holistic data integration
  • Enhanced predictive maintenance
  • Boosted operational efficiency
  • Empowered customer experience
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Secure and reliable platform

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