Effortlessy replicate data from RDBMS/NoSQL to Couchbase/Capella. Features cloud-native, containerized architecture for easy setup, supporting Couchbase Eventing and SyncGateway. Enables real-time data availability, supports various databases like IBM Db2, MariaDB, SQL Server, and more.

Gluesync for Couchbase

Replicate data from any major RDBMS or NoSQL to Couchbase Server and Capella in real-time, bi-directionally

Safest & smoothest transition path to Couchbase

Ensure business continuity with MOLO17’s containerized and natively supported Couchbase solution

Whether you are working with Couchbase Capella, Server, or Mobile, Gluesync supports native Couchbase technologies such as Eventing and Sync Gateway to replicate data between any major RDBMS or NoSQL databases with Couchbase. Gluesync’s cloud-native, the containerized architecture makes installation and setup a snap: no other solution in the market gives you the same scalability.

Hear it directly from the voice of our technology partner, Couchbase

"Gluesync provides essential data replication capabilities to Couchbase customers for migrating workloads from legacy relational databases to Couchbase with real-time speed, scalability and flexibility"
Matt McDonough Couchbase
Matt McDonough
SVP Business Development & Strategy, Couchbase

Automagic scopes & collections

Unleash the full potential of Couchbase’s scopes & collections

Gluesync’s native implementation of Couchbase enables you to get immediate benefit from the ultimate feature introduced with version 7: scopes & collections are automatically managed by creating a scope per each of the RDMBS schema you are syncing from and a collection per each of the configured entities (physical tables as well as virtual data models), your database’s tenancy is so kept safe & secure. Lastly, Indexes are also fully managed and highly optimized; you can also customize their replica configuration

Got Capella or running on-premises Server?

You don’t need to choose: Capella DBaaS and Couchbase Server are fully supported. Community Edition users are also welcome

Gluesync’s unique design allows it to interoperate with both Couchbase Capella DBaaS and Couchbase Server, including those who are running Community Edition. Either when sourcing changes from Couchbase or using it as a target, Gluesync automatically recognizes the kind of Couchbase setup and adapts by making use of the different sets of APIs available

Capella vs on-prem
Mobile peace of mind

Mobile peace of mind

MOLO17, when first designed by Gluesync had mobile users in mind

Offline-first capabilities are essential in Couchbase Mobile and so for Gluesync. You are safe to run a bi-directional sync even when there’s a mobile piece involved: automatic conflict resolution policy, recursion loop barriers, and advanced data modeling tools offer you the complete set of instruments to focus on the development of the next great mobile app without having to choose to fallback over web services call to get the data you need: your end-users experience won’t be compromised. Of course, it works both under App Services and on-prem Sync Gateway

High availability, failover and load balancing

Gluesync knows your Couchbase’s cluster topology, unlike any other replication product: it does not rely on JDBC drivers!

Gluesync has been crafted with our technology partner, Couchbase, to get the best out of its NoSQL database platform. When it runs, Gluesync continuously monitors and understands your cluster nodes’ availability thanks to the implementation of the complete set of cluster’s APIs, it is so capable of spreading the workloads to all the nodes serving the service responsible for the requested job: data, index, query, and eventing are all kept under complete control even when it comes the time of a node failure so you won’t miss a single transaction

High availability, failover and load balancing

Replicate with no boundaries

To and from

Replicate data from existing on-premise or cloud RDBMS platforms to Couchbase for real-time data availability, reducing stress on critical legacy systems. Leverage Couchbase can serve as a caching solution by implementing a lively updating cache and a write-back architecture by writing changes hitting the NoSQL back to your RDBMS. Empower your mobile app architecture with Couchbase mobile and Gluesync by reducing development efforts: no need for a mobile backend to access old data silos

NOSQL databases

Either the need is to migrate from your previous solution or to enrich the set of possibilities by making use of the broad offering provided by the Couchbase NoSQL platform, you can now safely replicate your data from existing NoSQL platforms to Couchbase, with real-life benchmarks that reached up to 50.000 ops there are virtually no boundaries for your data strategy, that also comes with our fully bi-directional replication support

Kafka and Data Lakes

There are scenarios where Couchbase is being used as an hot storage and you may need to replicate data over larger & cheaper Big Data or Data Lakes platforms like Amazon S3 for example, maybe by skipping deletions to preserve historical data integrity within the cold storage. If you’re instead looking to stream your data right into Kafka or Solace PubSub+ queues, well… that is still the right place where to be

What makes Gluesync unique

Data modeling with nested objects support

Gluesync offers on-the-fly data modeling with support for ANSI SQL queries to describe the data model for the JSON document structure in NoSQL you'd like to get but it is not limited to that: through our Advanced data modeling feature you can nest incoming RDBMS objects into your JSON document with up to 2 level of deep

Transactions log-based CDC plus a blazingly-fast initial load

  • Take data out of any major RDBMS or NoSQL at incredible speeds
  • Replicate data changes incrementally avoiding risky data refreshes or heavy data imports
  • Every action counts: by reading your datasource's transaction logs Gluesync replays every each action happened to your data whether is an INSERT, UPDATE or a DELETE
  • Don't miss a single bit: your transactions are securely replayed to the target datastore only when our 2-phases commit implementation acknowledge the engine that every bit has been securely persisted
  • Reduced footprint: by managing and implementing change data capture via native datasource APIs we're always up-to-date with latest vendor updates and optimizations

Enterprise features

  • Built-in alerting system
  • Monitoring via Prometheus and REST API endpoints
  • Logging: fully user-customizable for advanced traceability
  • Designed for the containers era: natively supporting Kubernetes & Openshift

Access plenty of connectors, constantly evolving

Here is just a sample of the ever-increasing number of relational and non-relational databases Gluesync supports as replication sources: DynamoDB, IBM Db2, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP ASE and HBase. Check out the Gluesync documentation for a full matrix of all supported databases and features

Begin your data journey with Couchbase and Gluesync today

MOLO17 GlueSync Enables Migration to Couchbase Capella with Bi-directional Data Replication


Gluesync documentation: targeting Couchbase

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