It enables new on-top functionalities without stopping production

GlueSync allows you to replicate data to and from RDBMS (Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle) in real time with Couchbase. Whether the goal is to Data Offload or increase the potential of your Business Apps, GlueSync is the only zero impact plug&play tool on your infrastructure.

Strengths of GlueSync

Two-way sync
Real-time data sync
No maintenance windows
Scale out and up
Cloud or on-premise
Plug & Play

Deploying with Docker

GlueSync is supplied inside a Docker container. It can be installed both on-premises and on the cloud.

For any information ask for MOLO17 support, our time-to-market is very fast and we are able to provide the complete solution in a few weeks starting from a PoC to managing production workloads. The professional services necessary to distribute GlueSync can be provided in person or remotely, according to your needs.

Build Vs Buy

100+ man/daysReady to use
DIYProfessional services
Unpredictable costs €€€€License fee €
Unknown reliabilityCouchbase certified

The Native Couchbase connector

GlueSync connector is a native Couchbase connector that connects Couchbase to the most common RDBMS. GlueSync enables 2-way data streaming in real-time with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database.

Real-Time two-way in Action


Here below we have collected some frequently asked questions you may also have, otherwise if you couldn’t find yours we will be glad to answer and connect with you.

Work over WAN or Internet connections freccia Created with Sketch.

In many scenarios happens that the RDBMS in on-premise and Couchbase is hosted in cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, …), this is really a common use case and many are asking if it can still work over the internet (VPN, Direct Connect, WAN, NAT, …):

Many of our customers are currently using it in that way, Couchbase is for example inside AWS near GlueSync and the SQL database in on-premises. It performs well even if the connection becomes unstable thanks to the ability to resume from the last transaction checkpoint, polling intervals can also be tuned to meet bandwidth saving policies.

Oracle on z/OS support freccia Created with Sketch.

We support 100% Oracle Golden Gate which supports also Oracle DB on z/OS natively.

What support can you offer? freccia Created with Sketch.

We offer professional services for setup of the connector and go-live. Then we have subscription based support with SLA for development and production workloads.

How is consistency working? (broken network link, insert failed, …) freccia Created with Sketch.

GlueSync is a stateless service, if something fails it is not a problem because we store the last checkpoint on both sides (SQL and Couchbase) and resume from that point when the process or the container is restarted.

The user can opt to receive system alerts via email or just grab them from the container logs. 

How can i manage data modeling? freccia Created with Sketch.

GlueSync purpose is to transport data from SQL tables and translate their structure to JSON documents for Couchbase. On-the-fly data modeling is not supported and there are no plans to be supported soon.

This need can be overcome using SQL views that are natively supported by GlueSync and can be used to describe the data model that you want to be reflected as JSON document structure in Couchbase, GlueSync will take care to respect & reflect that.

Can you do a full sync of large datasets also and then do change sets? freccia Created with Sketch.

This is what the connector does at the first init and when a new table is synced, then it starts capturing the changes feed. Replica can be configured to be continuous or just snapshot. Default is continuous.

GlueSync Vs Kafka freccia Created with Sketch.

GlueSync is lightweight and fine tuned around Couchbase, supporting native Couchbase technologies such Eventing and SyncGateway. Has also some more competitive advantages over Kafka: it can write to SQL Server instead of just reading from, it supports SQL views, it can do an initial snapshot and then resume the changes feed processing. Kafka simply doesn’t.

GlueSync Vs CDATA and others ODBC drivers freccia Created with Sketch.

An ODBC driver for NoSQL databases helps the database engine to translate the JSON document data model and enables your application layer to query that data structure like you are querying a common relational database (RDBMS).

Unlike an ODBC driver, GlueSync is a real-time SQL to NoSQL two-ways database connector, this means it does all the job of capturing and transferring data from SQL tables or views and move them to Couchbase JSON documents, and vice-versa.

How is licensing working? freccia Created with Sketch.

Licensing works with a paid subscription per year per node that let the user benefits from professional support and product updates.

Already compatible with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database; soon also for DB2 and PostgreSQL.