Workforce management & Decision support system

Client:Connection Srl

A stunning iPad App which brings complex production user interfaces to employees’ hands with a simple and powerful mobile user interface that also gives remote access to the information. Manage production phases, warehouse, documentation, time tracking and transport document creation all one tap away.

The Challenge

Give value to the workforce by involving them inside the business & manufacturing processes without needing to reach PC Workstations or technical experts. Digitize and manage the complexity of common ERP & MES user interfaces while providing a way to feel more comfortable in terms of data entry and accessing key information, thereby reducing the margin of error thanks to the unambiguity of the data and documents made available to the users. Easily track processing & crossing times to give a clear and instant overview on a management level in order to make real-time key decisions.

The Solution

The app allows efficient and accurate digitalization and management of complex business processes and integrates them with all the features needed for the production taken from the MES, directly by the hands of employees. Management and operatives have unified, fast and secure access to all data and documents provided by company’s ERP and can take strategic decisions in real time.

The most effective and intuitive mobile automation to drive the company’s complex processes.

"MOLO17 has helped us to rationalize internal production processes by developing an App that is fully integrated with our management system and able to provide specific information to each individual operator equipped with a tablet. This has allowed us to optimize all internal operating flows and to obtain unexpected results: thanks to MOLO17, we now have a management and control system that is open to new needs, in continuous expansion and customization to best meet the needs of the ever-changing market”.

Roberto Zuccaro CEO Connection