Web application for internal production orders management


MOLO17’s application is able to connect to the company’s ERP and dynamically manage the information of the production process, facilitating the exchange and the sharing of the information on the progress of the orders between different departments.

The Challenge

To completely eliminate paper-based information processed in the production area, customer service and logistics. Keep the information and the progress of the order aligned in real-time. Accurate replication of the production process on the application.

Paper-based interchange of information meant delays in transmission together with loss or discrepancy of transferred data.

The Solution

The MOLO17 solution is based on a web app and a latest generation document database (NoSQL) directly connected to the customer’s ERP solution. This innovative application enables a comprehensive order control system and is more sustainable than traditional tools, as it avoids paper waste.

The web application has many advantages and allows:

  • sharing of production information between departments
  • non-invasive and scalable software solution
  • hardened production processes
  • excellent usability
  • increased production efficiency
  • faster operations

The application allows in detail to:

  • receive customer orders from the ERP
  • create and link a product card (green card) to customer order and to a production order
  • define the basic, mandatory characteristics of the product within the card in order to process a detailed offer
  • define the accessory characteristics of the product that allow its customization
  • Consult the list of green cards
  • assign each card to the relevant department, according to the pre-established production flow
  • Create a dynamic checklist for quality control
  • send the checklist to the TwinForce application
  • print, if necessary, each green card with its checklist