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Twinforce provides the means to achieve full situational awareness
by optimizing information flow, improving offline capabilities and supporting near real-time data flow between management (ERP) and the shop floor (MES), or between planning (ERP) and execution (MES).

Independently of existing technology infrastructure, Twinforce supports these improvements using limited, non-invasive technology investment. This high-performance solution provides job instructions digitally, helps operators identify hidden problems and improves enterprise-wide communication. The ultimate goal is to support speedy corrective action and response to change during production. McKinsey comments that even in small precision engineering environments, this type of solution can improve productivity by up to 70%.

Twinforce’s user interface is designed for maximum usability always in line with modern mobile devices but not only that:

Thanks to edge-computing it can connect to new smart tools with ease and interact with them, collecting data and sending commands to them, without the need to burden ERP software resources or patiently waiting for the availability of a network connection; it is Twinforce that has on board all the algorithms and data blue-collars need to achieve their daily goals.

Manufacturing landscape is changing

Workforce is aging and knowledge is rapidly evaporating as they retire, offshore facilities are becoming less and less attractive, imposing the need to share the know-how across geographical areas.


Data is proliferating within the factory and Covid-19 together with international tensions are disrupting traditional processes, workflows and habits.


Digital solutions can help companies to face such challenges and to accelerate Industry 4.0 adoption.

The power of your organization’s human capital


65% of respondents of a recent Harvard Business Review survey declared they “wanted to have more control over the teams to which they were assigned and the projects on which they worked”.


Workers are looking for clear and better work planning, immediate access to knowledge and expertise and real-time view on changes and needs.


Integrating digital collaboration into process workflows can enable faster and better decisions that improve key performance indicators (KPIs) and bring value to the bottom line.

The power of One

We offer the same software experience for all our customers: we believe in one version of software, one architecture, one source of truth, one security model, one customer community, and one experience.


We call this “the Power of One”.


User benefits include extreme flexibility, high-speed implementation, and the freedom to stop worrying about software development and maintenance. Unlock the value of a technology stack that scales and follows your needs.

A tablet application is a great way to integrate with your shop-floor devices:

Measurement devices

Using a bluetooth connection, measure with Calipers or micrometers and report the data directly within the system without having to type it in manually.

Barcode readers

Enterprise machinery

Yet another MES: the same story since the 1990s

By now you’ve heard all kinds of technology: MES, MOM, ERP, WMS, XXX, XYZ, what else!? Twinforce is none of those and it’s all of them together: It’s an extension of your existing systems, the field operator’s trusted companion. Indeed, on the Twinforce Cloud, data from all sources is aggregated to support users’ decisions and only the information needed to perform a user’s respective tasks is made available to them. Twinforce’s on-board intelligence refines and refines the data received and presents it dynamically to the operator thanks to algorithms designed with university researchers: prioritization, optimization of picking logic and ergonomics. It is a WorkForce Management platform, finally within everyone’s reach.

Twinforce’s main features cover the following business areas:

Transparent production plan

  • Activities list and tasks
  • Gamified timekeeping experience
  • Receive real-time production plan updates
  • Work fully offline

Digital work instructions

  • Add value from the field
  • Manage every kind of attachments from every item
  • Dynamic checklists and quality controls reports

Streamline production flow

  • Move, advance and track progress of orders and phases
  • Visually-guided declaration of materials
  • Feed blue-collars with information and real-time feedback
  • Gain time: not even one loading screen in the entire app

Logistics and warehouse

  • Receipt of goods and digitization of transport documents
  • Material picking, even with hands-free support
  • Stock checking and inventory adjustment
  • Item detailing and improved searchability with full text search
  • Visual item recognition (coming soon)
  • Industry-tested custom edge-computing algorithm for item picking and orders dispatch

Management function

  • Progress status of all monitored team’s tasks
  • In-depth visibility of order progress and times
  • Forget about employees time card: use the app plus GPS and beacons geofencing

Twinforce uses Couchbase, the leading NoSQL database that gives the application superpowers: top-notch performance and offline capabilities, including synchronization.

Twinforce offers important benefits not only for the end user but also for partners

Twinforce was born as a mobile system integrator that can be used even in the absence of a network.

Twinforce can be modified to fit specific customer needs.

Data is no longer handled manually, and the operator has all the information needed to make appropriate decisions.

Information can be profiled so that individual operators access only the information they are interested in.

A rich database of data and information on all business processes can be collected with TwinForce.

The rich database collected by Twinforce can be used to feed business intelligence systems.

Twinforce offers full integration with wearable barcode scanners for efficient, accurate and fast operation.
It is already compatible with AUTOID Ring Scanner and PROGLOVE Glove.

Maximum environmental sustainability through total savings in paper and toner for data transmission.

Find out why Twinforce was awarded at Couchbase Connect 2021

Immediately compatible with all ERP and MES based on: Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, Oracle.

Our answers to your main questions:

Twinforce uses the data collected by the MES or ERP, which it imports to a NoSQL database, thus enabling synchronization of information across all connected tablets. It is an application designed to make ERP or MES management mobile and thus bring an additional degree of innovation within business processes. Let’s think about the operation of a construction site: thanks to the tablet one can move inside or outside and in the meantime activate work phases, summarize production times, and take parts from the warehouse. When there is availability of internet connection, Twinforce synchronizes the differences with the datacenter of the ERP or company MES without having to do anything. Conflict management due to lack of connectivity is thus resolved automatically.


Because we wanted software that could be used easily and intuitively in the enterprise. The tablet is an extremely handy portable tool, and the interface was designed by our User Experience experts to use immediately with no learning curve. Interacting with Twinforce is as simple as playing Playstation, without the need for tools such as a mouse and keyboard, and it lends itself to easy management by pre-selecting information to display based on the user profile. Moreover, thanks to this system, paper is completely eliminated: all information is available directly in the instrument library. Thus, assemblies are eliminated, it is no longer necessary to physically travel to other departments to retrieve the necessary information.

Twinforce has been battlefield tested: forgotten inside the CNC lathe and drowned in emulsified oil, pounded by van wheels and even ended up under the weight of forklifts… Twinforce is a MOLO17 software, which means it never crashes.
With a Twinforce license you are immediately given a user-matched tablet or smartphone, already configured through MDM and with rugged covers and protective films.


Twinforce connects to your management system through our GlueSync connector [link], which allows interoperability with Microsoft SQL Server databases, among the most widely used databases in management software like Oracle or DB2 (ex. AS/400 systems). We integrate new management systems with Twinforce every day: check out the complete list of compatible systems or ask your vendor to get in touch with us. We will be happy to create a new partnership.


Whose side are we on? Always on the side of the user. Twinforce is compatible with both iOS (thus the Apple world, both iPad tablets and iPhone smartphones) and the Android world.


You’ve never seen anyone use a production tool with such speed: all it takes is 2 opposable thumbs and you’re the champion of the plant, you don’t even have to run up and down to scan stage start barcodes, you just press play. Easy to use and quick to teach.


Offline-first!!! Twinforce works even when there is no network connection at all (even without an Internet network, yes). So my company’s data goes to the Cloud first and then all into the tablet? What if it gets stolen? Management data useful for workforce management is filtered and synchronized via an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS 1.3) with the Twinforce Cloud, stored up there securely on storage media with military encryption, then synchronized with mobile clients again via an encrypted connection and stored in the local database with symmetric encryption (AES 256). Pentagon-proof.

I am a system integrator and you have persuaded me.

We are happy to form new partnerships with system integrators or ERP vendors: contact us to learn how Twinforce can integrate with your system and support new users in their daily lives.

Are you ready to maximise the human experience with Twinforce? Contact us

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