The mobile human-friendly interface that integrates with your ERP and MES.

Situational Awareness

Twinforce provides the means to achieve full situational awareness by optimizing information flow, improving offline capabilities and supporting near real-time data flow between management (ERP) and the shop floor (MES), or between planning (ERP) and execution (MES).
Independently of existing technology infrastructure, Twinforce supports these improvements using limited, non-invasive technology investment. This high-performance solution provides job instructions digitally, helps operators identify hidden problems and improves enterprise-wide communication. The ultimate goal is to support speedy corrective action and response to change during production. McKinsey comments that even in small precision engineering environments, this type of solution can improve productivity by up to 70%.

Twinforce’s user interface is designed for maximum usability always in line with modern mobile devices but not only that:

Thanks to edge-computing it can connect to new smart tools with ease and interact with them, collecting data and sending commands to them, without the need to burden ERP software resources or patiently waiting for the availability of a network connection; it is Twinforce that has on board all the algorithms and data blue-collars need to achieve their daily goals.


Workforce is aging and knowledge is rapidly evaporating as they retire, offshore facilities are becoming less and less attractive, imposing the need to share the know-how across geographical areas.

Data is proliferating within the factory and Covid-19 together with international tensions are disrupting traditional processes, workflows and habits.

Digital solutions can help companies to face such challenges and to accelerate Industry 4.0 adoption.


65% of respondents of a recent Harvard Business Review survey declared they “wanted to have more control over the teams to which they were assigned and the projects on which they worked”.

Workers are looking for clear and better work planning, immediate access to knowledge and expertise and real-time view on changes and needs.

Integrating digital collaboration into process workflows can enable faster and better decisions that improve key performance indicators (KPIs) and bring value to the bottom line.


We offer the same software experience for all our customers: we believe in one version of software, one architecture, one source of truth, one security model, one customer community, and one experience.

We call this “the Power of One”.

User benefits include extreme flexibility, high-speed implementation, and the freedom to stop worrying about software development and maintenance. Unlock the value of a technology stack that scales and follows your needs.

A tablet application is a great way to integrate with your shop-floor devices:

Using a bluetooth connection, measure with Calipers or micrometers and report the data directly within the system without having to type it in manually.
Use gloves or rings to scan barcodes within the warehouse conveniently and on the move without the classic gun connected to a computer and locked to a fixed location.
Link all the machinery that performs automation such as activating stages, timing and processing the various activities of a production order.
Measurement devices

Measurement devices

Barcode readers

Barcode readers

Enterprise machinery

Enterprise machinery


By now you’ve heard all kinds of technology: MES, MOM, ERP, WMS, XXX, XYZ, what else!? Twinforce is none of those and it’s all of them together: It’s an extension of your existing systems, the field operator’s trusted companion. Indeed, on the Twinforce Cloud, data from all sources is aggregated to support users’ decisions and only the information needed to perform a user’s respective tasks is made available to them. Twinforce’s on-board intelligence refines and refines the data received and presents it dynamically to the operator thanks to algorithms designed with university researchers: prioritization, optimization of picking logic and ergonomics. It is a WorkForce Management platform, finally within everyone’s reach.

Twinforce’s main features cover the following business areas:

Logistics And Warehouse

  • Receipt of goods and digitization of transport documents
  • Material picking, even with hands-free support
  • Stock checking and inventory adjustment
  • Item detailing and improved searchability with full text search
  • Visual item recognition (coming soon)
  • Industry-tested custom edge-computing algorithm for item picking and orders dispatch

Transparent production plan

  • Activities list and tasks
  • Gamfied timekeeping experience
  • Receive real-time production plan updates
  • Work full offline

Digital Work Instuctions

  • Add value from the field
  • Manage every kind of attachments from every item
  • Dynamic checklists and quality controls reports

Streamline Production Flow

  • Move, advance and track progress of orders and phases
  • Visually-guided declaration of materials
  • Feed blue-collars with information and real-time feedback
  • Gain time: not even one loading screen in the entire app

Twinforce uses Couchbase, the leading NoSQL database that gives the application superpowers: top-notch performance and offline capabilities, including synchronization.

Twinforce offers important benefits not only for the end user but also for partners

Immediately compatible with all ERP and MES based on:
Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, Oracle.

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