Project “Empowerment of technical skills in the development and architecture of production processes”

With the project “Empowerment of the developing technical competencies and productive processes architecture” MOLO17 intends to create a training path for the introduction of the most innovative methods of app and software programming, with attention both to technical tools such as modern languages like Kotlin, and to the study of the most common business processes.

The educational activity will involve a large part of the internal staff and analyze productive processes architectures in the corporate informative systems, as well as the most innovative tools and methodologies for the development of apps and software.

** The project, with a total value of € 23.174,00, is co-financed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region with a contribution € 11.587,20, under the program POR-FESR 2014 – 2020. **

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