MOLO17 is currently developing for its customers some customizable solutions for production planning, data collection and the remote control of IoT (Internet of Things) systems via software applications for mobile and web devices. The main goal is to accompany innovative companies through this new industrial revolution by the realization of a productive environment completely digitized and interconnected. This can happen thanks to the higher and higher access facility to processable data and information through new computational and analytical technologies and to completely interconnected and digitized components and systems.

“CLOUDNOTES” process, therefore, correctly inserts itself in MOLO17 corporate strategy of consolidation of its presence in the manufactural sector through a flexible solution conceived for sharing real-time contents inside a group. This solution could be used as a platform for integrated management of a project team with specific surveillance of corporate praxis and reporting activities functions.

By “CLOUDNOTES” project, MOLO17 will put on the market a web application for cloud computing, compatible with iOS and Android, that guarantees an agile and user-friendly digital solution to the widespread problem of document archiving. It will be a technologically advanced instrument easily useable, born to solve the problem, present in every company, of shared content management and organization

**The project, with a total value of € 104,725.66, is co-financed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region with a contribution of € 52,362.83 under the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) ERDF 2014 2020.**

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