Progetto FVG Europa

Organizational, Information and Business Processes Review Project

MOLO17 intends to undertake an articulated project of revision of internal processes – organizational, informative and commercial – aimed at the optimization of production costs of goods and services and at the improvement of internal and external information flows. 

The project will see the application of advanced methodologies for performance measurement with the aim of reorganizing activities around a common understanding of the organization\’s objectives. This will result in the adoption of a new management control system, the integration of a business intelligence software, and the complete revision of the business plan.

The expected result will be an increase in competitiveness that will allow the company to face national and international markets, guaranteeing the life of the company and its future development.

** The project is co-financed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region with the contribution of € 95,355.72 under the Regional Operational Program POR FESR 2014 2020. *

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