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Headless mobile commerce platform

Cross-brands Customer Experience (CX) redefinition

All new mobile apps navitely built for maximum performances, a serverless  middleware architecture for wrapping, caching & upscaling Magento e-Commerce performances with data flowing guaranteed by an event streaming architecture based on Kafka


Meeting the growing consumer needs

100% system uptime

Ensuring the application is available and accessible to users at all times, without any downtime, is crucial to delivering a seamless shopping experience and building trust with customers

+28% customer checkout

By improving the user experience and addressing the pain points related to the checkout process, our goal is to significantly increase the number of successful customer checkouts, resulting in higher conversion rates and revenue growth

5-star rating in the App Store

Positive user reviews and high ratings in the app stores indicate customer satisfaction and reflect the quality and performance of the application

+30% Overall growth in mobile users in just 12 Months

As mobile usage continues to grow rapidly, we aim to capitalize on this trend by driving substantial growth in mobile revenue for our clients' e-commerce businesses

Customer review

“We are really grateful to have met MOLO17 during the development process of the Mobile Apps for our brands: Terranova, Calliope and Rinascimento”

This is not only for their great technical skills and “mobile first” approach, but also for their ability to support our digital innovation by sharing methodologies and strategic vision, understanding, adapting and foreshadowing our multi-brand and market needs, from e-commerce to loyalty system management. Partnering with MOLO17 means choosing a supplier that is not only excellent and experienced, but also capable of integrating technological evolutions into the development of the business plan

Andrea Arcangeli – Digital Director, Teddy SpA



Driving E-Commerce Success
In today’s competitive digital landscape, the e-Commerce and retail industry has witnessed exponential growth, driven by the increasing adoption of mobile technology. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to continuously innovate and enhance their mobile applications to provide seamless experiences to their customers

This case study explores how our mobile application development company partnered with a leading e-Commerce and retail brand to revamp their app, focusing on native iOS and Android development, customer experience (CX) redesign, and infrastructure optimization


Unleashing the full potential of modern ecommerce mobile applications

Overcoming monolithic approach and high abandonment rates

The client faced several challenges, including a monolithic approach that resulted in slow releases, lack of agility, and unresponsiveness. Additionally, high abandonment rates at checkout and user distrust due to security, performance, and poor customer experience added to the client’s concerns. They also experienced exponential total cost of ownership (TCO) as their user base grew. The need to modernize their dedicated e-commerce applications to meet the shifting consumer demands from web to mobile was evident‌


Transforming the e-Commerce experience

MOLO17 proposed a comprehensive solution, leveraging its expertise in mobile app development and SEO. The solution involved redesigning and developing native iOS and Android applications for two existing brands (Terranova and Calliope) and building a new one from scratch for the third brand (Rinascimento)

The focus was on improving performance, user experience, and integrating the Magento e-commerce platform. The solution included a scalable and customizable headless mobile commerce approach, along with a Kafka-based middleware for seamless integration. The use of the Nautilus process allowed for precise needs and goal definition, while app usage monitoring facilitated timely identification of issues and traffic measurement. The result was improved uptime, offloading of catalog and user data, and efficient management of content through the backoffice

  • Headless mobile commerce
    our solution involved a headless approach, enabling scalability, measurement, and customization to cater to evolving business needs
  • Redesigned customer experience
    we revamped the UX and UI of the applications to ensure a simplified, measured, and customizable user experience. This redesign focused on enhancing the checkout process and addressing the specific pain points that contributed to high abandonment rates
  • Infrastructure reengineering for agility and cost Reduction
    our team reengineered the infrastructure to ensure the required agility for handling traffic peaks while reducing TCO. This involved implementing a serverless architecture, resulting in fewer servers, fewer faults, and improved cost efficiency
  • Seamless integration with Magento
    we robustly integrated the Magento e-commerce platform, already in use for the client’s website, to streamline the overall operations and improve responsiveness and intuitiveness of the application.
  • Requirements analysis and design thinking process
    we applied our analysis and design thinking process, called Nautilus, to precisely define the client’s needs and goals. This process helped us align our solution with the client’s objectives effectively
  • App usage monitoring and traffic measurement
    we incorporated app usage monitoring features, enabling timely identification of usability issues and measurement of traffic in near real-time

Achievements met with MOLO17

With the expertise of MOLO17, Teddy Group has now transformed its mobile commerce operations, setting the benchmark for the fast fashion e-commerce landscape. The strategic implementation of the solution has empowered Teddy Group with advanced features, enabling them to cater to their customer base with unparalleled efficiency and precision


Empowering businesses with mobile e-commerce capabilities modernizing e-commerce and boosting revenue

The implementation of MOLO17’s solution yielded several benefits, including:

  • Operational flexibility
  • Resource efficiency & cost effectiveness
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Mobile revenue growth
  • Superior user experience
  • Data-driven insights
  • Global reach & customized marketing

For companies with a need to modernize their dedicated e-commerce applications, MOLO17 solution has, therefore, proven:

  • Be an open and unconstrained solution
  • Better usability
  • Faster operations (less latency)
  • An improved graphical compartment responsive to customer and market needs
  • To monitor the app correctly and intervene where/when necessary
  • To measure traffic correctly
  • Possibility of extra-Italian localization
  • Ability to create detailed KPIs in the App about consumer habits and behavior

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