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The Technology

The best technology is the one you don't even notice, the one that adapts to people and doesn't necessarily change our habits, the one that becomes part of our everyday life.

In a world that is evolving faster and faster, anticipating the times is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. 

Only through innovation we can build a future even greater than the past. That’s why at MOLO17 we are first to develop, test and adopt technologies that can have a significant impact on your business.

We constantly invest energy and resources in developing innovation so that we’re always able to offer cutting-edge solutions to all our customers. We do it with enthusiasm and without preconceptions, selecting only the tools that work best and that allow us to successfully face even the biggest challenges. And that’s because, in general, people don’t necessarily want this technology or the other… They just want products and services that work well.

Key Technologies

Serverless Computing

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The Serverless approach allows you to develop applications without having to manage an underlying physical infrastructure. Application developers don’t have to worry about scaling their services or provisioning servers because these tasks are performed by the cloud provider or directly on-premises. Unlike traditional infrastructures, events in the serverless model activate code execution and then the cloud provider dynamically allocates this code to machine resources for that function. The user is then charged for its use until the code execution end.

The serverless model has the following peculiarities:

  • you only pay for what you actually use
  • management of redundancy and multi-AZ (Availability Zones) is built-in
  • scaling management is entrusted to the provider
  • there are a self-management and self-provisioning of servers/containers

One serverless method used is Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), in which custom server-side logic is written by developers. Server-side code runs in fully managed containers from a cloud provider.

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  • Cost optimization since they are calculated only for periods of activity.
  • Elimination of developer tasks related to managing scalability and server provisioning.
  • Greater scalability and flexibility of the system.
  • Faster code release times than traditional models.
  • More time to focus on creating business value.

NoSQL database

Partner: Couchbase MongoDB
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NoSQL databases break the traditional data storage scheme with relational model and allow us to represent heterogeneous data through flexible schemes.

NoSQL document databases are ideal for applications that require large volumes of data, low latency and flexible data models. They are built to be scalable and can respond quickly to the data management needs of modern businesses. In such document databases, for example, information is stored in JSON documents, greatly streamlining the data structure.

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  • Flexibility with schemes that allow faster and iterative development of data that evolves over time.
  • Ideal for the management of semi-structured and unstructured data.
  • Scalability achieved with horizontal scaling through distributed architecture.
  • High level of service availability.
  • Support for a large number of concurrent users.

NoSQL Connector

Technology: GlueSync
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GlueSync is the leading Data management solution, bridging safely and effectively NoSQL databases to RDBMS.

GlueSync allows you to replicate data to and from RDBMS (Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle) in real-time with Couchbase. Whether the goal is to Data Offload or increases the potential of your Business Apps, GlueSync is the only zero impact plug&play tool on your infrastructure.

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  • No development costs, advantage: Time-To-Market
  • Robust 2-way synchronisation
  • Minimum TCO: plug&play
  • No risk, lightweight and highly reliable data management

Modern APIs

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Modern APIs, such as REST and GraphQL, are a very effective tool to integrate  and connect data, applications and devices in order to facilitate communication between different software and application services.

With the introduction of GraphQL, the latency in communications has been optimized, the responsiveness and user experience of applications have also improved.

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  • They adhere to standards, are easy to develop, easily accessible and understandable to developers who need to integrate them into their projects.
  • Since they are usually designed to be standardized, they are developed with particular attention to security and governance and are documented and versioned.
  • They have superior performance and scalability compared to traditional APIs.


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The approach of a microservices architecture compared to the traditional monolithic one involves the creation of a system that starts from a set of small and isolated services, each of which has its own data and is self-consistent, scalable and resilient to failure.

With this approach, each microservice is responsible for specific activities and can communicate with other services to create even more complex systems. Since the microservices are separate, each development team can work on different components at the same time, without having to wait for one team to finish its part, and you can also use different programming languages and patterns for each microservice.

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  • Much higher productivity and speed.
  • Flexibility in the use of technologies.
  • Scalability of the developed solutions.
  • Autonomous and cross-functional teams.

Identity Management

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An Identity Management system allows you to manage the identity of users in a unified and secure way.

Modern Identity Management solutions, even in the cloud, guarantee greater security than custom-developed solutions by companies and ease of integration into applications which therefore also reduces time to market.

An Identity Management infrastructure can unleash the full potential of an app, improving and speeding up the decision-making process with a user-centric approach and obtaining a higher return on investment thanks to better supervision of users and how they access services.

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  • Simplified management on a centralized platform
  • Better safety and quality of management than a custom development
  • Ease of integration with external authentication systems (e.g. social media login)
  • Savings on development times and reduced time to market.
  • Compatibility, especially in the case of advanced technological partners, with the evolution of standards and future needs of IAM (continuous authentication, defense against cyberattacks and IoT).

Advanced sharing mobility technology

Technology: Movens
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It is a complete turnkey solution for sharing mobility that offers all mobility operators a solid platform to manage and configure any kind of sharing service from free-floating to company vehicles.
It also allows sharing mobility in a totally independent way from any mobile operator and is able to manage different transport authorities (train, metro, airlines, local transport, vehicle sharing) so that mobility companies can provide services to their customers and offer integrated travel solutions.

We favor open-source solutions such as MOVENS because they are continuously evolving according to international standards and enable knowledge sharing as a driver for sustainable growth.

MOVENS, in fact, is designed for integration and is continuously evolving both to enable integration with existing platforms and solutions and to develop verticals on specific market segments by facilitating the creation of an ecosystem of third-party solutions and the connection and integration with existing operating modules, applications and platforms that are quick and easy to implement.

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  • Open source model to ensure customer independence from mobility operators
  • Modern architecture to allow connection to multiple platforms, providing a single point of entry and data management
  • Scalable and event-driven architecture
    Cloud provider-independent, multi-cloud thanks to native Kubernetes support (MOVENS can be easily installed on any cloud of the customer’s choice)
    OBD (on-board device) independent
  • An end-to-end vehicle sharing solution with an intuitive and friendly user interface
  • Capable of managing:
    • free-floating
    • point-to-point
    • station-based
    • corporate vehicles
    • short-, medium- and long-term vehicle sharing
    • condominium vehicle sharing

IoT Edge Management

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Our vision of IoT Edge Management is based on open source and open standards that accelerate the ability to develop IoT applications while avoiding vendor lock-in.
Working with IoT Edge Management platforms enables the integration of interconnected field devices and resources such as sensors, actuators, PLCs and IoT gateways and provides the infrastructure to enable IoT applications by integrating data with enterprise apps.
Evolved platforms enable device management, diagnostics, provisioning, remote access to IoT gateways and devices and telemetry data integration services.

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  • Implement new types of applications
  • Improved response time
  • Lower latency or higher bandwidth possible
  • Lower costs
  • Greater application resilience

Open Source Blockchain

Technology: hyperledger
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It is an open source project for the collaborative development of blockchain and distributed ledgers.

The goal of the project is to stimulate cross-sector collaboration by developing blockchain and distributed ledgers, with a focus on improving the performance and reliability of these systems to enable global transactions. Hyperledger also integrates open and independent protocols and standards that enable a modular architecture framework and blockchain with its own consensus and storage routines, as well as services for identity, access control and smart contracts.

Among the best known and most widely used frameworks are those for creating private (permissioned) blockchains that require specific permissions to join and interact, but also for enabling dynamic consensus systems and creating new payment systems.

Hyperledger’s preference is consistent with MOLO17’s focus on the enterprise sector and serving the needs of its customers, as it is the leading open source community focused on developing stable suites of frameworks, tools and libraries for enterprise DLT/blockchain implementations.

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  • Division of labor for improved productivity.
  • Intellectual property management.
  • Data provided on the basis of actual needs.
  • Extensive database query capabilities.
  • Reduced verification needs and improved scalability and performance.
  • Permitted and known entries.
  • Modular architecture supporting plug-in components.
  • Protection of digital keys and sensitive data.

Open-source container orchestration platform

Technology: kubernetes
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Kubernetes is an open-source platform for managing Linux container workloads and services.

Originally designed by Google, over time a large ecosystem has been created around this system, which has grown rapidly and steadily to become a true cloud-native platform.

The success of this platform among developers is due to the possibility to develop using containers, because it helps to break monolithic applications into more maintainable microservices and because it allows their work to move seamlessly from development to production translating into a faster time-to-market for enterprise applications.

After more than 10 years of development and use, the solution has proven its maturity and robustness.

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  • Open-source
  • Infrastructure-as-code
  • Portability and flexibility
  • Multi-cloud capability
  • Improved productivity (also thanks to the ecosystem)
  • Attracting talent who want a modern and attractive cloud-native technology stack
  • Future-proof solution supported by leading cloud providers with out-of-the-box solutions
  • Tried and tested in the field
  • Market leader
  • Much less adopted and supported alternative container orchestration solutions
  • Fast-growing ecosystem
  • Real help for application stability and reliability