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The team

MOLO//17 is a company of dynamic and talented people, men and women who love their work and who exalt themselves in the most difficult challenges. We are technology and innovation specialists, all engaged in a process of continuous improvement in our respective areas of expertise. Find out who we are and how we work.

Daniele Angeli

Founder & CEO

Luca Salvadori


Eleonora Berton


Elisa Battistutta


Andrea-Massimo Valcher


Andrea Agostinelli

Business Development Manager

Michelangelo Andrea Renato Altamore

Mobile Developer

Federica Bortolussi

UX/UI Designer

Daniele Chinazzi

Back-end Developer

Lorenzo Cuciniello

Senior Project Manager

Francesco Furlan

Solutions Architect

Giorgio Garasto

Front-end Developer

Azzurra Gianotto

Marketing Assistant

Damiano Giusti

Mobile Developer

Matteo Granziera

Back-end Developer

Klodian Kambo

Mobile Developer

Federico Monti

Mobile Developer

Mattia Pettenuzzo

Back-end Developer

Matteo Sist

Mobile Tech Lead

Davide Soldan

Mobile Developer

Giovanni Trezzi

Mobile Developer

Dario Visaggio

AR/VR Lead Developer

Mattia Zanchin

Quality Assurance Specialist

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