Our approach

Leverage your technology investment

On every project, MOLO17 uses a proprietary framework that takes advantage of Agile software development, Design Thinking and other innovative approaches including Lean Value Tree, Event Storming, and User Story Map

With time set aside for planning, review and action, we can reduce uncertainty and work on tangible results, avoiding poor investments, unforeseen costs and misunderstandings about company objectives

Solutions are built using a three-tier approach: frontend, backend and data layer

Separating the functional layers is hugely effective during the development phase, testing phase, in the final result and in future maintenance

Your project can include one or more of the following:

  • Business & Process Analysis/Assessment, examining existing processes
  • Functionality Analysis or Assessment, delving into functional requirements
  • UX/UI Design or Assessment, studying how your users work
  • Architectural & Technical Design or Assessment, reviewing the current architecture


  • Mitigation of the uncertainties of a technological investment
  • Definition of a realistic budget and of all the steps of intervention
  • Investigation of the context, extending beyond technical aspects, to ensure the validity of the project in terms of marketing, strategy, finance, assets
  • Opportunity to bring out new ideas or opportunities that were not initially evaluated

Test, test, test: test in all its forms

In custom software development, testing is crucial. Here at MOLO17, we value employees who perform technical proof testing by introducing unit and/or interface tests. We train our development teams in testing techniques including:

  • API Mocks
  • Unit tests
  • UI Tests
  • Integration tests
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

After our internal testing is complete, we work with you to field test your solution. This mindset allows us to constantly set a high bar and avoid unforeseen issues in production

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