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Couchbase was the most coherent choice for our application and we certainly didn't want to burden ourselves with an in-house database, so we decided to work with MOLO17 because it is the only one that allows us to have Couchbase technology in a managed and sustainable way

Thanks to NEPTUNE we have saved in time and costs on the configuration and implementation of the infrastructure, we directly access the benefits of the Couchbase Enterprise version, we have no burden of management, control and monitoring of the DB 24/7 and, last but not least, we pay exactly for what we use with tiered tariffs. Overall, a great experience and a great technology partner

Paolo Repele

Senior Software Architect, ASTEN

Asten SRL

Elevate your NoSQL experience with Couchbase and MongoDB hosting services

Welcome to Neptune, MOLO17’s premier Database-as-a-Service tailored exclusively for the NoSQL domain. Our cutting-edge Neptune service redefines database hosting by providing top-tier solutions for both Couchbase and MongoDB enthusiasts. With a focus on exceptional support, unrivaled service level agreements (SLAs), and collaboration with award-winning NoSQL experts, Neptune empowers you to optimize your database performance and scalability seamlessly

Neptune for Couchbase
> Unleash the Couchbase World

Delve into the realm of Couchbase NoSQL database with Neptune for Couchbase. Our service offers unparalleled High Availability, complemented by Couchbase Mobile—a feature fully managed by our esteemed Couchbase Community Award 2021 winners

Neptune for MongoDB Atlas
> Elevate MongoDB Hosting

Experience the pinnacle of MongoDB hosting with Neptune for MongoDB Atlas. In collaboration with MongoDB, our High Availability service brings you unmatched reliability. Backed by SLAs that promise responses within 2 hours, our service includes all Atlas Pro support package plans


Discover the world of NoSQL like never before with Neptune. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we reshape database hosting, delivering a realm of possibilities for both Couchbase and MongoDB enthusiasts.
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