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Key needs of manufacturing apps

Manufacturing applications are essential tools for businesses in the manufacturing industry. They play a pivotal role in optimizing processes and can help to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. However, there are a number of key needs that manufacturing apps must meet in order to be effective


Real-time production insights

Manufacturing apps must provide real-time access to data, such as production schedules, inventory levels, and quality metrics. This allows businesses to make informed data-driven decisions and take corrective action quickly


Offline functionality

Manufacturing processes are dynamic and often take place in environments where consistent internet connectivity is a challenge. Modern Manufacturing Apps have to be engineered to function seamlessly even in offline scenarios in order to ensure uninterrupted operations, allowing workers to log data, update progress, and access essential information even without a stable internet connection


Integration with other systems

Manufacturing apps must be able to integrate with other systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and manufacturing execution systems (MES). This allows businesses to share data and streamline their operations



Manufacturing apps must be user-friendly to allow employees to easily use them



Manufacturing apps must be secure to protect sensitive data, such as customer information and intellectual property



Manufacturing apps must be scalable to accommodate changes in the business, such as increased production volume or new product lines


Quality control and compliance

Maintaining product quality and adhering to industry regulations are non-negotiable in manufacturing. Applications shall include modules for real-time quality control monitoring, enabling swift identification of deviations and minimizing production of defective items. Facilitating adherence to compliance standards, ensures that products meet the highest industry benchmarks

How MOLO17 excels

Our solutions address industrial manufacturing needs and offer a number of additional features that make our customers stand out from the competition through:

by providing real-time access to data through a secure cloud-based platform, MOLO17 solutions allow businesses to make informed decisions and take corrective action quickly

MOLO17’s apps can be easily integrated with other systems, such as ERP systems and MES systems. This allows businesses to share data and streamline their operations

Our commitment to cross-platform integration means that your team can seamlessly transition between devices without compromising data integrity or usability. This flexibility fosters collaboration and empowers decision-making from any location

MOLO17’s applications are secure and use the latest encryption techniques to protect sensitive data

MOLO17’s infrastructure is built to scale effortlessly as your manufacturing needs grow. Whether you’re a small operation or a global enterprise, our solutions adapt to accommodate increasing data volumes and user demands, ensuring consistent performance and user satisfaction

Our user-centric approach is reflected in the intuitive design of our dashboards. With user-friendly interfaces, your teams can easily navigate through data, access insights, and interact with the apps effortlessly. This reduces the learning curve and enhances productivity

One of our standout features is the ability to operate fully offline on mobile devices. Our apps store and synchronize data intelligently, allowing your workforce to remain productive even in areas with unreliable or no internet connectivity

MOLO17’s focus on a robust yet energy-efficient design guarantees smooth app performance without overburdening devices. This attention to detail enhances the user experience and prolongs device battery life

We stand out by leveraging innovative document-based database solutions, specifically NoSQL databases. This approach enables flexible data structuring, rapid scalability, and efficient handling of unstructured or semi-structured data commonly encountered in manufacturing operations

How we work

MOLO17 uses digital transformation strategies that enhance the existing infrastructure, extend and expand current applications, with minimal organizational, productive and relational impact



Record as-is situation with operational flow analysis and list of issues



Set goals for application and/or system redesign based on the analysis



Build project roadmap together with transparent milestones


Value Solution

Deliver a Minimum Viable Product that meets your needs


Field test / Refine

Test and observe in the field. Refine to complete satisfaction

The MOLO17 approach: a path to empowerment

In the dynamic realm of the Manufacturing Industry, where efficiency is paramount and decisions are made in split seconds, rapid data access has emerged as a game-changing imperative. Recognizing that conventional Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) are straining to meet the industry’s escalating need for speed, MOLO17 has undertaken a digital transformation journey that seamlessly enhances existing infrastructure and applications. In our quest to enable manufacturers to thrive in the digital age, we have embraced NoSQL technologies as a foundational element of our strategy developing: Gluesync —an innovative solution that not only addresses the data access challenge but also optimizes the transition from RDBMS to modern database systems

Thanks to our expertise in NoSQL and Gluesync, we empower manufacturing organizations to:‌

Access data in real-time

NoSQL databases drastically reduce access times, ensuring that critical data is available for immediate decision-making

Enhance scalability

With NoSQL, manufacturers can scale their data infrastructure seamlessly, accommodating growth without sacrificing performance

Unleash innovation

By harnessing the flexibility of NoSQL, manufacturers can explore novel ways to analyze data, enabling innovative insights and strategies

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