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CX to avoid loosing a single penny and infrastructure agility to face traffic spikes while reducing TCO

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New needs for e-commerce and retail apps

Consumer habits have shifted from web to mobile. The experience offered to the user still not

Business today demands functionality and features that are increasingly difficult to build and manage with purely web-based e-commerce tools.
Companies interested in keeping their ecommerce platforms up-to-date are increasingly faced with solutions that have:

  1. A monolithic approach, slow releases (~3 months), lack of agility and responsiveness
  2. High abandonment rate at checkout, user distrust (security, performance, bad CX, …)
  3. TCO exponential as users grow

A MOLO17 solution provides objective, measurable improvements:

  1. Streamlined User eXperience (UX): simplified, measurable & customizable
  2. Slash your TCO: less servers, less faults
  3. Security thanks to a single-observable point & enhanced stabilibilty at every scale

Your success is our success

Headless mobile commerce platform reference architecture

  • Native mobile app (iOS and Android);
  • Cloud-based Middleware (AWS):
    • GraphQL API exposed via AWS AppSync (managed service for GraphQL API) with request/response caching via AWS ElastiCache;
    • Backend organized in microservices, using a serverless approach (AWS Lambda);
    • NoSQL database (MongoDB) to history and retrieve synchronized data from Magento.
    • Kafka or Gluesync as a data streaming platform to manage synchronization between Magento and midlleware.
  • Identity Management
  • Magento CMS

How we work

MOLO17 uses digital transformation strategies that enhance the existing infrastructure, extend and expand current applications, with minimal organizational, productive and relational impact



Record as-is situation with operational flow analysis and list of issues



Set goals for application and/or system redesign based on the analysis



Build project roadmap together with transparent milestones


Value Solution

Deliver a Minimum Viable Product that meets your needs


Field test / Refine

Test and observe in the field. Refine to complete satisfaction

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