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Software development enables the company to seize a market opportunity, to solve existing problems and to fulfil a visionary idea. MOLO//17 is the leading software house in the design and development of software solutions to improve your business and strengthen your technological ecosystem through system integration.

Find out how to take your company into the future with MOLO//17.

Why develop software

Software development can help any business to compete in the digital world. If there are a good idea and a clear objective at the core, you can build very effective tools through codes and programming languages to build a competitive advantage and an element that differentiates your products and services from those of your competitors.
In an increasingly technological context such as the one we live in, the right software can allow companies to significantly increase performance in terms of time, cost and quality.

The possibilities provided by development are so vast that, depending on the objective, the project can be proposed with very different methodologies, approaches and technologies. That’s why it is very important to take this technological path forward with “white label” software houses like ours, that is, a company who can propose and master different technologies without preclusions of any kind. In any case, the very first step must be mainly consultative so that we can identify the most effective strategic choices to be put into practice in the subsequent phases.

AGILE software development

The Agile Software Development Process is not divided into sequential one-way phases but rather it leaves the various phases open for the duration of the project by carrying out iterative cycles of verification and adaptation in progress.
The consultant meets with the customer and collects the design requirements, analyzes them and only partially encodes the software, creating a real unfinished model before meeting with the customer again.

The consultant shows the prototype to the customer to check that his needs have been materialized and to see if there are any other requirements.
When the consultant completes the coding, he will also fulfill these newer needs and then meet the customer once again to present the software at a more advanced stage.
Iteration and Functional Incremental are therefore the main characteristics of the Agile Process. They allow a better expression of the requirements and less costly adaptation.

The System Integration process

Innovating essentially means finding innovative answers to new challenges and creating new channels and tools that will help the business. The system integration process involves the integration of different systems and applications. It consists of the construction of connection and interconnection channels between heterogeneous software and hardware platforms. This interconnection allows you to share information between the various systems, thus making each tool exponentially more powerful and efficient.

System integration releases all the unexpressed potential and puts it at the service of operators, business users and, above all, customers. Of course, security management is a fundamental aspect: connecting different platforms to each other and allowing information to pass between various systems also means strengthening security levels. This is a fundamental process to make every organization increasingly flexible and responsive to market stimuli. Some examples of application of a system integration process could be the use of mes software to manage the production process of a company in an integrated and efficient way, a product configurator that provides the options available in real time, or a workforce management software that allows you to plan and manage work activities: these are all tools that must be put in communication with other tools to become effective.

At MOLO//17, we have had different experiences in many industries and we always aim to create the perfect conditions that will give the client company the chance to excel and stand out from competitors.

By way of example, but by not means limited to, we can mention the following sectors:

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    THE NAUTILUSmethod

    In order to avoid leaving an innovation process to chance, MOLO//17 has developed an original and exclusive method, which takes into account all the ingredients needed to build the future on solid and ambitious foundations.

    When developing apps with MOLO//17, the macro-phases of the project are:

    Orientation freccia Created with Sketch.

    This is the most consultative phase of the project, in which the basic idea is refined and a detailed strategy is developed.

    Design freccia Created with Sketch.

    In this phase, the initial ideas are made real and concrete. The technical feasibility is analyzed and a prototype of the app to be developed is created.

    Development freccia Created with Sketch.

    The actual development phase. The code is created and the enabling factors are provided. MOLO17 follows the principles of the Agile philosophy.

    Release freccia Created with Sketch.

    This phase involves the release of the software developed in the production environments and all necessary documentation is produced.

    Training freccia Created with Sketch.

    This phase involves facilitating the introduction of business innovation. Our innovation managers support the customer and help with each implementation.

    Support freccia Created with Sketch.

    Lastly, we provide all necessary application and infrastructure support. We resolve any issues that arise and consolidate the development code.

    The technological know-how

    MOLO//17 is a state of the art software house. We test and adopt technologies that will become the standards of the future before the others. We do it without any preconceptions whatsoever: we are not tied to a specific technology or to a specific software company because we prefer to adopt the most effective technology at the time based on the specificities of individual projects.
    In order to use the technologies of tomorrow today, we invest heavily in research and development and in staff training. We can boast excellent skills in all the main development focuses, from mobile to web, from IoT to VR/AR.


    To continue to be competitive, every single company must deal with the real world that surrounds it. It must pay attention to the needs of its customers, to the solutions that the market is offering and the still unexplored possibilities. It has to accept the challenge of changing. App development with MOLO//17 becomes an exciting and very concrete challenge to your competitors, aimed at creating new standards within your reference market.