Together to effectively promote Digital Transformation in Italy

Alliance with Computer Gross – the strength of the ecosystem.

MOLO17 is proud to announce the alliance with Computer Gross, the leader in Italy for the distribution of IT solutions, and becomes part of what in CG is called \”ECOSYSTEM\”, the portal reserved for partner companies that have designed technology solutions that can bring a significant advantage to the end customer, as they can offer a wide range of technological options and optimize the time to complete projects.

And this is exactly what MOLO17 aims to do: build a solid win-win relationship to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises by combining the strength of CG\’s ecosystem of partners and their great expertise in the field with leading-edge solutions designed for distribution on channels where CG is already present and market leader in Italy

MOLO17, therefore, proposes within the ECOSYSTEM its two products: Twinforce, the solution to enter the new era of Industry 5.0 focused on the involvement of people with manufacturing processes and GlueSync for real-time 2-way communication between RDBMS and NoSQL systems.

Contact us to find out more and to talk to us, write to We look forward to hearing about your project and presenting you with our solutions.

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