SolidALI: the new MOLO17 app of the spending vouchers of the Municipality of S.Vito

Made by MOLO17, SolidALI is the new web app that uses QR Code to manage the spending vouchers during the Coronavirus emergency. The application has been developed for and in collaboration with the Municipality of San Vito al Tagliamento (PN).

SolidALI –

In the face of new urgent food solidarity measures decided by the Government in favor of the municipalities and of the Italian citizens, spending vouchers have been made available. The spending vouchers for food and for basic necessities are reserved to the municipalities’ residents that found themselves in a situation of serious need, in order to satisfy the more urgent and essential necessities. Only one application can be submitted per household. 

How could they be managed without too many complexities? How to avoid virus transmission’s risk through contact and through materials like paper?

Thus is born the joint project of the Municipality of San Vito and MOLO17, aimed at the creation of a web app easy to use for the public administration, citizens and operators. The app was created to meet the need of the Office for Digital Transition of the Municipality of San Vito, which we thank for the fundamental role played in this project.

SolidALI ( is the online application that, thanks to the QR Code, permits you to use spending vouchers directly from your smartphone, tablet or to monitor them from your pc.

How does it work

To manage and use spending vouchers, all the municipalities are equipped with a web platform that authorizes and manages money, allowing the applicants to spend them at the affiliated merchants and to them to account for movements and receivables from the Municipality.

SolidALI app

Through the specific solidALI web interface, municipal offices can load the spending vouchers’ value to the citizens who are entitled and that have made a request for it, creating for each one of them a personal account.

The citizen will just download and log into the app with the credentials received by the Municipality to gain the vouchers. Then he or she will just get to supermarkets or affiliated merchants and show the QR Code generated by SolidAli to the cashier at the moment of the payment.

SolidALI – Expenses Summary

The merchant, equipped with a SolidALI interface on his smartphone, will downgrade the credit by just scanning the QR Code and the expenditure made will be recorded in the app\’s database. The Municipality then will receive incoming and outgoing data sent by the merchants, directly in the web interface.

Why choose SolidALI app?

SolidALI allows users to use and monitor spending vouchers in complete safety, respecting the law and privacy dispositions. Using the web application made by MOLO17 means avoiding the potential contagion risk, without the physical exchange of paper vouchers and it is also an “ecological” proposal because it reduces the waste of paper to zero. 

SolidALI: already active for the Municipality of San Vito al Tagliamento

The app solution from MOLO17 is in a phase of evaluation in different municipalities around Friuli Venezia Giulia and it is available online since april 22nd 2020. Firstly, it was activated in the Municipality of San Vito al Tagliamento, that believed in this project from the beginning and which we thank for the collaboration.

SolidALI is the spending voucher web app “paperless” but with wings, close to citizens, municipalities and to merchants in this difficult moment.

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