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Salisco: the ATAP public transport app to move in complete safety

Starting from today, it is possible to use local public transport in a safe and smart way, thanks to the new Salisco app, which is officially available online.
MOLO17 is proud to have taken part in the development project of this app for Atap Pordenone, with the partner Henshin Group Ltd.
The Salisco app is the MOLO17 team\’s contribution to local mobility that can make a difference for all citizens.

We are helping students and commuters to safely use local public transport and we are doing this together with our partner Henshin Group Ltd with whom we share an exciting journey into the world of mobility and smart cities. – These are the words of Daniele Angeli, CEO MOLO17, who concludes – We thank Atap who believed in this initiative.

Extract from the press release ATAP – 01/02/2021

To coincide with the return to school for high school students, Atap is launching a new application to minimize inconvenience due to possible overcrowding on certain lines. A novelty wanted by the management of the public transport company of Pordenone, struggling with restrictions related to the ongoing pandemic, which could prove to be a valuable tool to plan your trip even when the emergency is over.

Salisco allows you to signal your presence on the bus well in advance and thus allows the operator to know the flow of people and quickly find solutions in case of high demand. Operation is quick and intuitive. You download the app (available from both Google Play and the Apple store) onto your smartphone, create an account by entering your email address and you can start operating immediately. First you will be asked to enter the route you wish to use. At the moment the service is enabled only for some lines: the 13 (Maniago-Aviano-Roveredo in Piano-Pordenone), the 14 (Meduno-Maniago-Pordenone), the 17 (Pescincanna-Fiume Veneto-Pordenone), the 18 (Spilimbergo-San Giorgio della Richinvelda-Zoppola-Pordenone) and the 51 (Maniago-Sequals-Spilimbergo-Udine). You will then be asked to enter the date and time of travel, as well as the departure and arrival stops. One day before the selected journey, the system will send you a push notification asking you to confirm your presence or not. An archive of the last 30 notifications will be made available to the user.

All the instructions can be consulted not only directly on the app, developed by the Pordenone-based company MOLO17 with its partner Henshin Group, but also on social channels and on the official Atap website. The new feature was immediately appreciated: 450 accounts registered in a few hours. In the coming days, when the inclusion of all usable lines will be completed, it is hoped that there will be a further increase in registrations.

We are certain and confident, – said Atap chairman Narciso Gaspardo, -that this app will prove to be an important opportunity to improve the service, based on mutual cooperation between our company and users.

Press review Salisco app (only Italian version)

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