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MOLO17, the “migration” from old to new methods for digital innovation – ANSA

Innovation is synonymous with transformation, in the case of MOLO17, to digital. In order to manage this transition and embrace the new technological opportunities provided by the current historical context, it is also necessary to revolutionise work management by adopting new approaches both at an organisational level, encouraging smart working for example, and at a project level, adopting new development methodologies, from agile to design thinking.

To promote and support digital transformation through the development of cutting-edge solutions, one has to witness this profound change at first hand.

From ANSA article – 13/04/2021

A \”connector\” that allows companies with huge amounts of data on databases to make the transition from the old to the new methods while continuing their daily activities on a regular basis. It has been developed by MOLO17, a software house for the development of cutting-edge solutions, based in Pordenone.

GlueSync, this is the name of the product, is particularly suitable for companies such as banks or airline reservation companies that operate with old systems and need to migrate to new ones.

We are working with the USA, Germany, France and Great Britain, we have recently closed four important contracts, – said Daniele Angeli, founder and CEO of MOLO17, speaking about the connector – as well as customers in Italy.

Budgets, always in profit and growing, the company in 2020 developed 1.8 mln turnover with 10% profit, about 15% reinvested in research and development.
MOLO17 with the pandemic is restructuring from an organisational point of view, with the changes triggered by smart working, and from a market perspective:

We have focused on medical emergency, e-commerce and have built up know-how in this area, – explained Angeli.

Thus, for example, the large building that had just been set up, also to accommodate customers, so with a conference room with the pandemic has vanished:

We focused on remote working, looking for talent in Sicily, Veneto, wherever. We all converted to remote working, creating teams with team leaders, with soft skills to encourage teamwork, helped by mental coaches. And with a new go-to-market strategy to automate contacts with our clients: so the first potential contact with a client is via email, then we eventually book an appointment. It\’s a very powerful thing.

In the future?

We will continue remotely, we are increasingly looking abroad – Angeli concludes.

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Article ANSA: \”Informatica: MOLO17, la \’migrazione\’ da vecchi a nuovi metodi\” (Italian version)

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