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Article taken from the “La Repubblica” of 30/10/2020

In a time when change, innovation and digital transformation are the order of the day, required by a reality increasingly devoted to technology, it is important that companies and businesses are supported by reliable partners that prevent them from getting lost in the sea of proposals and solutions. MOLO17 is a software house for the development of cutting-edge solutions, capable of \”going deep\” but providing references and coordinates. This Italian firm is addressing to companies and strategic partners interested in undertaking challenging projects on the technological front, but also at those companies that are looking for a safe partner capable of providing innovative and effective software solutions.

Digital innovation was a necessity well before the Covid-19 emergency

Today\’s situation has \”imposed\” change, or at least has accelerated a technological process that has already begun some time ago. The need for digital innovation emerges both in the national and international context.

As stated by CMO, Andrea-Massimo Valcher, a \”liquid\” world requires increasingly specific skills and broaden knowledge.

Creating value

MOLO17 wants to create value and seize opportunities: it offers software solutions ranging from conception to release, with the aim of improving the activities and performance of processes and businesses. They embrace logistics, e-commerce, warehouse or point of sale management and naturally also facilitate the performance of remote activities, making the use of smart working more immediate as they integrate tools that can also be used by those who are \”in the field\”.

The values of MOLO17 focus on people and their needs

For companies that aspire to become a point of reference in their sector, MOLO17 is the ideal technological partner: this is also demonstrated by the company\’s mission to collect and experiment with ideas and technologies from the future and bring them into the present. As stated by the company\’s CEO and founder Daniele Angeli, the values of MOLO17 put people at the centre and lead the company to establish long-term relationships with the customer\’s needs in first place.

This approach has, as a first consequence, a strong push in the search for customized, technologically advanced solutions with a highly innovative impact.

MOLO17 also focuses on highly qualified staff training: today the team consists of over 30 of the best talents in the sector. Through their skills, the company constantly takes up the challenge of improving business processes, increasing performance, developing new channels and improving the user experience offered to consumers.

The opportunity to take advantage of in order to evaluate your projects

MOLO17 offers robust, timely and innovative solutions for entrepreneurs looking for an end-to-end digital transformation service. Whether it is a system integrated with ERP for the optimized management of human resources or processes in manufacturing or a secure and always operational platform for real-time communication of patient data in case of medical emergencies, MOLO17 is able to give total support to companies and organizations for the development of digital projects, exploiting agile working methods and processes born from design thinking.

The project

Believing that this is the right time to embark on a path of Innovation and Technological Transformation together with a professional partner, MOLO17 offers a free 3-day Digital Innovation Assessment with its experts: this is an opportunity to be seized in advance to assess the effectiveness, feasibility and level of innovation of its projects on site. The range of services offered includes the development of mobile apps, web platforms, cutting-edge software and integration systems, VR & AR immersive software and IoT & Edge solutions. With clear ideas and objectives at its core, according to MOLO17, apps and integrated systems can pave the way for data and people mobility, becoming an effective tool for innovation and satisfaction for companies and their clients. A persuasion that stems from experiences in different industries, always creating the right conditions to give partners the opportunity to excel and stand out from competitors.

The \”molo\”: a safe reference

The history

MOLO17 is a software house founded in 2015: it is the name itself that hides the essence and methodology of this company. The \”wharf\” represents in fact the safe reference to give to its partners, who will not have to fear to navigate in \”deep and troubled\” waters, crossed by constant change in technological evolution that – if not faced with the right tools – may not be completely understood and therefore only suffered. In a context like the current one, where entrepreneurs are faced with even complex choices, having the necessary information and skills is a competitive advantage that cannot be underestimated.

This \”molo\” is reached through two fundamental elements of the MOLO17 software house methodology: agility and dynamism. Just like in Jules Verne\’s novel, with the motto of Captain Nemo\’s submarine that reads Mobili in Mobilis.
Words that reflect the need to be mobile within a mobile element, so that we can decisively guide change.

Article 30/10/2020 – La Repubblica

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