MOLO17 winner at Couchbase Connect2021

MOLO17 awarded at Couchbase ConnectONLINE 2021

During the Couchbase Connect Online 2021, Couchbase awarded our solutions Projects of the Year!
We are so excited to receive this award after years of refining our offline data-sharing capabilities using Couchbase’s feature set.

Santa Clara, California USA October 21st 2021

An important international acknowledgement for MOLO17\’s capability to offer solutions able to open the door of technology to everyone and make the future accessible and better.

We are proud to say this, with that touch of embarrassment that distinguishes Friulians when they find themselves in the spotlight: 

MOLO17 is the winner of the Couchbase Community award in the Architect and Innovation category of the latest ConnectONLINE 2021 virtual event!

This year\’s Customer and Partner Awards sought to give due recognition to Couchbase\’s partners who have been able to accelerate modernization initiatives and enable innovation for enterprise-critical applications.  How do you foresee your organization to continue to modernize its application infrastructure?

The rationale for the award are: 

MOLO17 provides data mobilization solutions and tools that act as a gateway between the legacy and closed systems to the mobile and web-oriented world, with always an offline first approach and real-time sync capabilities. MOLO17 leveraged Couchbase Mobile to achieve situational awareness by streamlining information flow, enhancing offline capabilities, facilitating near-real-time synchronization between the top floor, where the planning happens, and the shop floor, where the execution takes place.

MOLO17 has the honor of being the first Italian company to win this award and among the few in the world to be able to boast it, such as PepsiCo, Tesco, UPS and Carrefour Spain.

In a nutshell, our merit is to have developed a solution that can connect to any business management system and make it \”dialogue” with any \”app\”.

\”In this way any person in a company, for example an employee or a field worker, can collaborate on the move, wherever they are located physically: whether it is an out-of-office assignment, an off-site company office or a smart working scenario.

The information is always available in the palm of your hand, with smartphone or tablet, through modern, functional and simple interfaces: the employee in this way feels supported concretely in his work, because our solutions are designed around the needs by eliminating waiting times and ensuring full operation even in the absence of internet connection.

Daniele Angeli, CEO and Founder

An example of this is our TwinForce solution, presented at the event, which enhances expertise and human experience with Couchbase Mobile. 

Video of the speech here

It\’s not just a revolution for the manufacturing world, because we\’ve also brought this innovation to the world of emergency services, and we\’re going to introduce it to many other sectors, such as logistics, maintenance and retail. 


Check out the announcement on Couchbase Blog to hear more about our partnership and accomplishments together! If you want more information about our projects, contact us at

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