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Article by Francesca Schenetti, TiLancio director published on 14/12/2020.

The young age that feeds the courage to undertake and then the tenacity, the determination, the ability to grasp and implement methodologies and approaches as rigorous as innovative in order to grow quickly, but also in a solid and structured way. These are some of the strategic assets that have allowed Daniele Angeli to design and lead, in years of very complex and fluid global scenarios, MOLO17, the company that develops apps and IT solutions since 2012 in Pordenone, Italy. If this corner of Friuli (Italian northeast border-side region) has been a fertile ground to give birth to Angeli\’s entrepreneurial dream, as it often happens, it is the international marketplace that has immediately given the company the way to measure – and affirm – its ideas and technological solutions, allowing it to reach the threshold of 2 million of turnover. Angeli likes the depths of the sea, hence the name Molo, to which he has matched the number 17, a number that always comes back to him; he has an open mind to culture and the world, with few barriers and hesitations:

Perhaps it was the international projects and the work with foreign professionals that reinforced this dimension.

Among the innovative solutions conceived and developed by MOLO17 there is Zulu Emergency, the new project that has managed to find the technological solution to digitize triage, that is the acceptance of a call in the Emergency Room, the taking charge of the patient and the assignment of an emergency code. A procedure that is currently still done on paper, even on carbon paper. The Zulu Emergency solution consists of a mobile application and a web platform and optimizes the communication of emergency medical services. On a tablet, which is activated and connected to the emergency personnel via a small bracelet, all information about the patient and the treatments during the emergency are entered. In this way, Zulu simplifies and increases the accuracy of emergency response by providing a common platform for secure communication, multi-organization collaboration and real-time management of critical data. Also installed on the tablets that equip every emergency vehicle (ambulances, medics and helicopters), Zulu allows emergency workers in the field to record patient data, interventions performed and critical vital signs, pre-aligning target hospitals and keeping emergency services and dispatchers informed. Having a clear vision at a young age leads, at 29, to a successful business. What\’s the secret?

I have surrounded myself with very good collaborators, experienced people I can rely on.

Angeli concludes, recognizing the importance of teamwork in any complex project, including starting and growing a business.

Originals article link (IT): https://tilancio.com/2020/12/14/molo17-angeli-nessuno-e-profeta-in-patria-la-tecnologia-con-una-visione-globale/

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