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Humanizing your digital projects through Design Thinking

Given the strategic importance of innovation projects and the complexity of digital transformation impacting the relationship between a company and its customers, Design Thinking can be considered one of the most effective and useful \’human scale\’ approaches to rethinking business strategy. Designing processes from the customer\’s perspective means creating value and innovation for a successful business.

Why should a company choose to use Design Thinking as one of the methodologies to approach a project?

Because it is one of the most modern managerial models of business management, particularly suitable for simplifying and therefore dealing with complex problems with uncertain outcomes and involving decision-making risks. Implementing Design Thinking in one\’s own management style means moving in the direction of Design Management and therefore adopting methods and tools (typical of the design world and useful to the business world) to understand and bring innovation to differentiate the company in the market. Design has working methodologies that facilitate simplification, stimulate creativity and innovation and support strategic business processes.

What is the value added?

First of all to involve consumers, users, designers and managers in an integrated process with a method and a set of tools to imagine future scenarios and bring products, services, experiences to the market effectively. This is a methodology for innovation and empowerment. A tool for growth, even and especially in times of crisis.

Secondly, because MOLO17 and the other Harbor Group companies combine an effective methodology like this with a proven mastery of digital and integrate it into their model, allowing those who undertake this development path to do real Digital Innovation & Transformation and not just sterile consulting operations.

What does MOLO17 do through this methodology for the user company?

It helps them redesign their thinking with a human-centred approach to create digital products, processes and services that are effective, likeable, useful and usable by balancing the three key aspects of true innovation: human desirability, technological feasibility and economic viability.

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