Business… riding with MOLO17

Why not talk business between rides?

Daniele Angeli, founder of MOLO17, an IT company based in Pordenone, recently announced an innovative idea during an interview with Ti Lancio.

On this occasion, the dynamic entrepreneur spoke about his passion and the reasons that led him to believe in the potential that mountain biking has to offer company managers, both in terms of communication opportunities and the creation of strategic partnerships, as well as in managing the emotional burden that one is frequently exposed to in top management positions.

The interview with Daniele Angeli

Resia (UD) – 26/07/2021

“Business in the saddle” is the idea of the very young Daniele Angeli, founder of Molo17, an IT company based in Pordenone (with a turnover of 2 million), which he announced in Resia (Ud), at the new headquarters of Ti Lancio. In an interview, the entrepreneur said:

I have a great passion for mountain biking, which is why I would like to combine the useful with the enjoyable, namely: chatting on the bike about business and more, with fellow entrepreneurs who accompany me on two wheels. I’ve had this idea for a long time, and now I’m going to make it a reality. I would like to have as my first guest on the saddle: Roberto Siagri, the former CEO of Eurotech, has yet to answer me. Cycling is regenerating for me. I go out on my bike to get rid of work-related stress, especially at weekends. 

Stress management is one of the problems of managers and entrepreneurs, Angeli has found his outlet.

MOLO17 is growing: We have been partnering with Oracle with our IT solutions for a long time, which makes us extremely satisfied. We are growing, the technological innovation impact of our solutions is internationally recognised. All this fills me with courage. I am aiming for a listing on the Nasdaq and the Nyse in New York on my fortieth birthday, in ten years’ time. The challenge is a big one, but I am counting on a team that is able to help me reach this summit, like on a bicycle.

MOLO17 is preparing to close the year with a 20% increase in turnover, in 2021 that will not be easy at all, from a socio-historical and cultural point of view. The pandemic has broken schemes and invented new business paradigms. 

Smart working has been common practice for some time now,’ concludes Angeli, ‘even though we only opened our new headquarters in Pordenone, in the city centre, a few weeks ago.

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