Twinforce applications and use case for successful digital transformation

MOLO17 participated in the event organized by Cogito, and sponsored by DITEDI, to explore the opportunities offered by the digitization of industrial processes.

Last November 11, as part of the meeting \”Enable your business to restart!\” Daniele Angeli, CEO of MOLO17, spoke proposing to the audience of entrepreneurs attending the opportunities related to the digitization of business processes to mobilize information from the offices to the factory. 

The event was organized by Cogito, a reference company in the ERP software for small and medium enterprises, under the patronage of DITEDI, the Cluster of Digital Technologies of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. 

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about \”Digital Transformation\” and this event has been an excellent opportunity for discussion and sharing with companies of the Italian Northeast area: in fact, we had the opportunity to talk together about the value of a business strategy based on the continuous flow of information and data analysis in real time. Data that must always be at hand. 

Daniele Angeli\’s talk focused on the integration between TwinForce and companies\’ ERP software, with an emphasis on industrial digital initiatives for data collection and management, especially as the Industry 4.0 plan places a strong emphasis on digital industrial initiatives. 

TwinForce helps connect people with processes, engaging and empowering operators. 

All the data, always available, with an easy and immediate mobile interface: this is TwinForce. The Restart after Covid crisis and Industry 4.0 programmes pass through the digitization of business processes: operations monitoring, continuous reports, technical documentation and process tracking always at hand. 

In this video you can listen to the speech of Daniele Angeli. 

TwinForce case study: implementation in the electrical panels production process

The event was also an opportunity to share the results of technological solutions implemented in companies of the mechanical, building and industrial automation sectors. In particular, MOLO17 had the pleasure to invite Mirko Basso, COO of ZagoPower Srl, a company from Veneto dealing with electrical panels and systems, to intervene with his case history. In his speech, Mirko Basso told about the evolution that his company has undertaken, introducing TwinForce in the production process of electrical panels.  

Among the benefits, daily problems have been solved, such as, for example, the integration with the management control or the verification of the presences even off-site and in the work-yards. But Mirko Basso also discusses the economic and productive benefits of this technological solution: in the video below you can listen to his speech.

The synergy that has been achieved between MOLO17 and Cogito is a fundamental step in our development path because it allows us to provide an agile service through tools capable of responding to the continuous technological developments of manufacturing plants. 

Cogito\’s modular management software Coral MORE and TwinForce, a mobile application designed by MOLO17 for operators, awarded in California last November as the best solution of its kind, allow to manage in a simple and streamlined way all the operations for logistics, production and worksite activities. 

This is what innovation means to us: with competence, timing and flexibility, together. 

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