Case Study: Safety and Rescue for Barcolana sailors

YouSeaMe, is the suitably-named app developed by MOLO17 for the Italian Coast Guard with sailors in mind to help rescue people in open seas if challenges arose.

When the MOLO17 team was approached by Insiel S.p.A. and the Italian Coast Guard to build a location tracking and rescue application for Barcolana, the world-renowned regatta in the Gulf of Trieste, we turned to Couchbase’s fully managed backend designed for mobile, IoT, and edge applications – Capella App Services on AWS.

The two main goals of the project were to:

  • Enable a sailor to send distress messages to the organization overseeing the regatta 
  • Provide visibility of a sailor’s exact location so help could be delivered quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation


  • Relaying coordinates and location information to the coast guard via radio resulted in a higher likelihood for inaccuracies and miscommunication
  • Took time, possibly hours, to find sailors in the open sea, since there are over a thousand boats that look similar
  • Lack of internet connectivity while boats are on the water delays communication and assistance

MOLO17’s ability to deploy mission-critical capabilities offline through Couchbase Capella App Services made them the perfect fit for the project.


200 app downloads, 10 boats rescued in minutes vs hours

  • Precise, one-tap location information from sailors leading to safer events and faster emergency response times
  • Streamlined information flow, offline availability, and near real-time synchronization even while the app is in the background
  • Happier, safer sailing teams

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