Blockchain for industry and mobility: partnership with Oracle

MOLO17 partners with Oracle Blockchain Cloud for mobility and other sectors.

The blockchain is much more than a buzzword in financial circles, it is a reality and one of the most innovative and disruptive technological trends of recent years. It was important before the pandemic and will be even more so in the future, with a continuous development that is involving the most disparate industries and sectors and puts Italy in sixth place in the world for projects developed (as cited in an article in La Stampa on the subject).

Innovation, after all, is an integral part of MOLO17\’s DNA and, as with other technological frontiers in which it is operating, blockchain clearly represents a fundamental trend for the future in which to believe and towards which to move with confidence. From a Since Tomorrow company one could not expect anything less or different.

Oracle, in this context, is the ideal partner to build a solid path and to access a solution that provides a collaborative framework for sharing reliable data in real-time and easy ways to adopt blockchain technology including a cloud service, an on-premise edition and a SaaS application for the supply chain.

Moreover, thanks to Lorenzo Cremona, Director, Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service Product Management, interlocutor and friend, MOLO17 has the possibility to move in a context of global opportunities, such as those involving Henshin\’s MOVENS platform, and able to create value for the end customer.

Merging the expertise of MOLO17 with that offered by the Oracle Cloud blockchain platform will open up multiple possibilities for our trading partners for the exchange of inter-company financial data and purchase agreements and SLAs, for decentralized record sharing, as well as for the authentication of the origin of products and materials.

Once again MOLO17 can accompany you on this path towards the future by offering customised solutions to meet the specific needs of your sector and achieve the most ambitious digital innovation goals of your company. There is no doubt: the future is digital and it is already here.


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