Atlantic Crossing with MOLO17 & Couchbase

Following the success of MOLO17\’s Safety and Rescue App, developed in conjunction with Insiel S.p.A. for the Barcolana regatta in Trieste, MOLO17 and Couchbase have again partnered to use Couchbase Capella to track progress and provide a safety net for an Atlantic sailing adventure.

The three-person crew, the skipper, together with a 3-star Michelin chef from Copenhagen and Mike Tango Bravo, a winemaker from Mendoza, left Grand Canary on January 15, heading for Santa Lucia on a 58\’ Wauquiez Pilot Saloon. We invite you to follow along with the crew\’s progress at our SailSafe site.

Map representing the expected path that mike will follow.

For more about MOLO17 and Couchbase partner projects, read an in-depth case study about the Barcolana Safety and Rescue app on the Couchbase web site.

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