New generation of Fintech


With the advent of financial technology (Fintech), financial organizations are realizing how they can leverage this change to make their operations more agile and valuable. Disruption is seen as the core of digital transformation, but new technologies, previously perceived as a threat, are now being embraced by entire sectors to become more agile and more resilient.

The Challenge

Banks and financial institutions are basically not technology companies, so the management of a new set of digital tools is not something they are expected to be experts in. Fintechs that have successfully understood this point have come to offer specific and reliable services that deal with sensitive aspects such as risk management and data governance for them.

The Solution

Embracing open standards and adopting industry best practices make it easier for larger institutions to keep pace with technological evolution and always offer the best user experience. Platforms such as Couchbase Server, the NoSQL and open-source document-oriented NoSQL database, and Auth0’s cross-platform identity access management service embody this phenomenon. They allow you to combine external processes with legacy systems to provide centralized, convergent and reliable governance.