The method for seeing change as an opportunity and not as a threat

The Nautilus method

We live in a liquid world, where things change rapidly and knowledge is increasingly specific. And so, today more than ever, it is essential that we are always ready to welcome change.

We need to be agile, concrete, far-sighted and reactive. We must be Mobilis in Mobili, or “Moving within a moving element”. This was the motto of the Nautilus submarine in the story by Jules Verne.

We offer a shared, structured and flexible path simultaneously

The future is not a destination.
It is a path that you can decide to follow or create according to your wishes and the needs of your company.


Our approach to guide you towards a more ambitious future:

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This is the most consultative phase of the project, in which the basic idea is refined and a detailed strategy is developed.

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In this phase, the initial ideas are made real and concrete. The technical feasibility is analyzed and a prototype of the app to be developed is created.

Development freccia Created with Sketch.

The actual development phase. The code is created and the enabling factors are provided. MOLO17 follows the principles of the Agile philosophy.

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This phase involves the release of the software developed in the production environments and all necessary documentation is produced.

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This phase involves facilitating the introduction of business innovation. Our innovation managers support the customer and help with each implementation.

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Lastly, we provide all necessary application and infrastructure support. We resolve any issues that arise and consolidate the development code.

Key points: