The unlimited potential of IoT: the 4 Trends of the future

The potential of digital technology is proving to be valuable and decisive for people and especially for businesses, especially in the IoT (Internet of Things) field. The integration of digital tools both in everyday life and in the world of work has revolutionised their traditional conception and changed their dynamics accordingly.

4 IoT Trends

Mobility and pervasiveness of the digital element are the key concepts, the common denominators found worldwide, that dominate this new technological era. The web between man and technology will become increasingly dense and essential in the future.

1. More \”use cases\” for more industries

The history of IoT dates back to the industrial context of 1960 and has not stopped since that decade. Industries across all sectors have begun to understand its benefits and unlimited potential to meet any specific need.

Internet of Retail Things (IoRT)

First and foremost is the retail industry, where we are talking about the Internet of Retail Things (IoRT), which reaped the biggest rewards just last year: just think of 2020, which was the year of the ecommerce app boom. Given the forced lockdown, most shops were closed for a long time and the need arose to create an online shopping window to stay in the market and be competitive even for small businesses, compared to big brands. 

And that\’s not all. Knowing buying habits and trends, thanks to the data collected and geolocation, has broadened the prospects for analysis and possibilities to improve the offer and increase sales.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

The application of IoT has also penetrated the sensitive medical sector (otherwise known as the Internet of Medical Things or IoMT) and has brought numerous benefits to healthcare. How? For example, with the rise of software and apps that allow medical staff to monitor patients\’ parameters even remotely and in emergency situations, or with self-monitoring applications that allow patients to monitor their own values from home, without having to go to their doctor\’s office.

lnternet of Logistics Things (IoLT) and Internet of Workforce Management (IoWM)

At this point, the relevance of IoT for the world of Logistics (the Internet of Logistics Things – IoLT) and in general IoT for all manufacturing companies for workforce management (Internet of Workforce Management – IoWM) is almost obvious. Just think of the importance of having data synchronised and available immediately, without sheets of paper and fluttering orders for the management of any warehouse in a factory! Time is money, someone once said, especially for industrial production.

2. Security and privacy

The increasingly sensitive acquisition of digital data via the IoT has brought a consequent need for greater protection and safeguards to ensure the privacy of online users, whether they are registering for any site or shopping online, for example. Threats from hackers can be just around the corner and one has to be on the alert: without the appropriate protection measures, no site or database can be secure. History teaches us: see the hacking attack on the Inps website last April.

3. IIoT and Edge Computing

5G and a growth in available IoT and IIoT devices have led to a dramatic increase in available data, making edge computing critical.

The recent development of 5G networks, cloud computing and faster and wider WiFi access will only continue to fuel the growth of the IoT, while the pandemic – which will still have an aftermath during 2021 – will continue to force the need for remote working and data access. The growth trend is obviously positive and we will only see the full extent of it in the coming years.

4. Data analysis in the field

IoT is no longer just about collecting information, monitoring behavior and providing new data, but synthesizing it to make recommendations and make smart, informed decisions to operate in the field. Having concrete and useful information allows you to adopt correct and suitable strategies for the growth of your business and company revenue.


The IoT and its potential have no limits. And you, are you ready to grow and improve your business through digital innovation?

MOLO17 can accompany you on this path by offering customised solutions to meet your specific needs and achieve the most ambitious digital innovation goals of your company. There\’s no doubt about it: the future is digital.

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