React Native – A Native Developer Point of View

During this weekend the FVG Dev conference was held in Ronchi dei Legionari with the topic \”Cross-platform mobile app development\” and I had the chance to expose my experience with React Native with the pros and cons seen from the perspective of a Native Developer.

React Native Pros and Cons

I tried to examine all the positive and negative aspects of this framework, that we often hear about or read about in technical articles.

Who created it? How it works? Can I use it in my project? Why yes? Why not?

But the most important thing is that I\’ve never lost my way. My native way!

For example, during my experience I went through serious problem like degraded performance, app instability and big rework after framework updates.

Useful features

But React Native is not only problem! ?

For example, Hot Reload feature is very useful when you want a pixel-perfect app and you have to continue change the dimension of a view.

As a result you will see your change real-time on your emulator or device so don\’t have to re-run you app.

Federico Monti from MOLO17 @FVG Dev conference \”Cross-platform mobile app development\” React Native vs Native development approach

Below you will find the slides of my talk.

So, Enjoy the reading! ?

Looking for a different multi-platform app development approach? Have a look at Kotlin Native in which MOLO17 has gained a lot of experience with it in many challenging projects.

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