Accelerating Couchbase NoSQL database adoption in SMBs with MOLO17

MOLO17, company focused on data mobilization thanks to its capabilities to unleash data potential connecting, through open standards and proprietary solutions, mobile users need with legacy and or closed infrastructure processes, announces today the aim to bring NoSQL databases straight to SMBs all over the world with the adoption of its new service, now generally available.

NoSQL Cloud Service is the new-born name of the service that was long-running for two years of internal beta and selected users testing, has become starting from today out in GA. The service offers Couchbase NoSQL database hosting with the power of MOLO17’s best expertise: Couchbase Mobile, the differentiating element of MOLO17 offering worldwide. Says Daniele Angeli, founder and CEO of MOLO17:

This announcement is for me the biggest releases of this year for MOLO17, this means being able to compete worldwide not only for us but for our customers, being able to adopt the most agile and fastest go-to-market solutions for the digital products.

NoSQL is the database solution for destructured data, thanks to its capability to store JSON-format documents in its datastore, can rapidly boost the web and mobile developers needs which can meet their company’s business requirements: agility in making changes according to the market, rapidly prototype solutions, faster the development of MVPs and easily serve burst of millions of users requests thanks to its capability to multi-dimensionally scale.

NoSQL Cloud Service delivers high-reliable fully-managed Couchbase NoSQL database service to the market, targeted specifically for SMBs needs who can start small and then scale big accordingly to the growth of the company but with reliable solutions and a great support team that can follow them in that journey.

Whether the need is to push a new digital product from a startup, an IoT project or a modernization of an existing solution a team of Couchbase technology experts will follow you from the beginning of the project to the land in production, in fact the service offers everything needed for the development and testing phases with dedicated clusters and the environment for the production with custom SLAs. 

Customers could opt to use Couchbase Mobile features such as Sync Gateway, Delta sync and Peer-to-peer or server-side features like XDCR, Full-text search, Analytics, or our GlueSync database connector available as-a-service bundled with NoSQL Cloud Service. 

Plans start from 499€/ month with no upfront costs. If you’re interested in knowing more please drop us an email at

MOLO17 can assist you in this process by offering customized solutions to meet your specific needs and achieve the most ambitious digital innovation goals of your company. There are no doubts: the future is digital.

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