HUMAN CODE – CHAPTER 1: Daniele Angeli

When a developer comes up with a successful business idea: this is MOLO17 and its founder, Daniele Angeli, is going to share its story with you.

The new Human Code section

In this column, MOLO17 tells its story from the inside, directly through the words of its team, with the transparency and professionalism that distinguish it.
We can only start with its founder, Daniele Angeli.

His origins

Born in 1991, Daniele has been a computer enthusiast since childhood. He spends his time on the football pitch outside his house and in his room assembling and disassembling computer parts.

Daniele, after graduating as a computer expert, already has a lot of ideas in his head for investing his future.

Daniele Angeli\’s career

I worked as a Mobile App developer for iPhone and iPad. From 2011 onwards I was employed for Apimac, but eventually switched to a much more established company in 2012: OverIT. My shift ended at 6 pm: I got home and took care of clients\’ requests right afterward. Last but not least, I took care of my own business staying up till all hours. Kinda like Batman!


Daniele teaches classes on iPhone (iOS) programming at several schools and at Fiera di Pordenone. Particularly relevant are the MacDays, a project later known as AppDays, founded by him in cooperation with other subject-related enthusiasts.

I also recall the major response gained by the iOS h24 initiative. I shared said experience with the ITS Kennedy institute, where I graduated a few years earlier.

From AD Solutions to MOLO17

As such, new windows opened up. First of all, he established the sole proprietorship AD Solutions and right afterwards, in 2015, MOLO17 was launched as well.

Where did MOLO17 come from?

The real change came about when I finally established an LLC: that\’s when the conundrum began: which name should be used? There was a huge effort to find the right one. I kept away from choosing a name strictly related to myself, instead of wishing for something that would share the feeling of a Team. I sought to find a fitting one, bringing a breath of fresh air to a structured company that could almost live a life of its own. Like the big names in Silicon Valley. The proposal of such a name was made after months of hard work, by a creative mind that intertwined two elements that set me apart.

The \”17\”

The number 17 was chosen because it has been a constant theme throughout my life. I was born on the 17th, and 17 was coincidentally the number of our first headquarters in Zoppola. To keep things short, it showed up quite often within my past. For instance: from the gate of the first plane I boarded heading for Dubai, to any parking space or table I booked while on business trips.

The \”molo\”

As for the name MOLO – the Italian word for PIER -, we chose to think of ourselves as sailors since our main goal is sailing through the web. This company defines itself as a safe haven for those who are willing to face new projects and set sail to new challenges towards the \”open sea\”. Within said environment we aim to guide them with a true compass, pointing to the technological horizon.

What MOLO17 is all about?

Today MOLO17 has in its historical DNA, in its essential business assets, mobile development where we are internationally recognized. We address companies that need to optimize their processes and shape new opportunities through the use of these technologies.

From Zoppola (PN) to Dubai

MOLO17\’s Dubai Team

MOLO17 now works in the national and international territory. After Dubai in 2016, Daniele Angeli, explains how the need and choice to expand its horizons abroad was born. This decision has allowed an unparalleled growth of the team\’s skills and a continuous evolution of the company\’s organization.
For the future, the focus is on broadening the spectrum towards the international scenario. MOLO17 will pursue investments in technologies and methodologies that can allow a technological leap forward for its customers by offering an ever-increasing quality of service. MOLO17 configures itself from today as a partner for companies, looking for new projects where to invest the expertise of the group.

The values and vision of MOLO17 according to the founder, Daniele Angeli

The philosophy of MOLO17, says Daniele, comes from the desire to bring technology and computing within the reach of everyone. How? By simplifying the processes, which apparently seem complex, because each system is apart from the other henche being unable to \”speak\” the same language; our aim is simplifying said processes, making them communicate in a fluent way whilst also connecting them. Meaning that the scope is to make objects capable of communicating, while also making people easily connected with useful tools that MOLO17 can provide them. In order to achieve all this, means designing said tools and objects on a human scale.

Man is at the centre, software is a means to an end.

This is an idea that has matured and taken shape over time. The human part has been introduced in recent years, thanks especially to two people: Mattia Fioraso and Federica Bortolussi. They are two professionals, experts in user interfaces and usability, who started a transformation that I needed. I needed to create simple interfaces and the desire to do something beautiful like the good Steve Jobs wants. I\’ve always had an admiration for simple things and I believe that technological things can be understood by everyone. It\’s not an easy thing to make simple!

Daniele Angeli besides MOLO17

Besides MOLO17, Daniele is a freelancer in every way. Winner of the Young Talent Award 2018 of the Municipality of Casarsa della Delizia, he defines himself as a tireless worker, brilliant and demanding. His passions include mountain biking and good food. He loves to keep his head and mind busy on hundreds of fronts. He firmly believes that the most important thing is to build relationships.

Daniele Angeli in 5 years

In the near future he sees himself as the protagonist of new entrepreneurial challenges, together with a team that has been growing in number over the years. One of these ongoing projects is The Harbor

The Harbor

This holding company aims to create a group of high-tech companies that can use a variety of services. From governance services to temporary management, from administrative services to consultancy. These services also cover the definition of the business idea to the launch of one\’s own startup on the market.
Everything that is the governance of the company from an organizational point of view is managed by The Harbor. We have gained all the necessary expertise in our years of operation as MOLO17 and beyond. In The Harbor team, there are professionals with up to 40 years of experience in the industry.

MOLO17 Headquarter


Starting a cutting-edge business project in the technology sector in Pordenone is possible!

And Daniele Angeli is proving it. At the end of this article, Daniele says thank you like this:

As my birthday approaches, I would like to thank all our partners who have helped us to grow. A special thank you to my team, who every day invest all their energy in our projects, espousing this important vision.

The second chapter of Human code: who will be the next interviewee of the team? Follow the Human Code column.

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