HUMAN CODE – CHAPTER 2: Elisa Battistutta

The second chapter of Human Code rediscovers an old saying: behind a great man there’s always a great woman. And this is the unconventional story of Elisa Battistutta from MOLO17.

Determination and a lot of grit: chief of the administration of MOLO17 we find Elisa Battistutta.

The Origins: Elisa Battistutta

Elisa was born on October 15, 1981 in Pordenone. While studying at the professional hotel istitute, where she will get a high school degree, she started to work in that sector as she was 16. She first had had experience in a bakery, but she didn’t fit in that context. She spent her summers in Caorle, working as a babysitter at day and as a bartender in the evening, managing a little bit of countability between the orders. Elisa is very good at making cocktails and has won many contests.

I really enjoyed making cocktails. I had an awesome barman who taught me all the tricks of that job.

The turning point in her career

The crisis\’s influence breaks the plans of Elisa Battistutta and gives an unexpected turn to her career. The bar where she was working got closed, so she decided to start looking into new opportunities at the threshold of thirty years.

Professional courses

In 2015 I decided to try the biennial course QBA in Administration – Secretarial Operator from OSF Foundation in Pordenone. I remember that on the entry test’s day there were a lot of people and the seats were just a few. I had been very lucky in passing it and then I started this experience. And it hasn’t been easy at all!

This course, 1000 hours long, of which 700 in the classroom and 300 in a company for a stage, wasn’t enough for Elisa. She, then, decided to learn more by attending the course in Budget and management control.

Those were some really difficult courses. Luckily I had a wonderful teacher, who I need to thank. After the exams, in fact, I said to her: “If I had known you in middle school, I would have gone much further and I would have aimed high!”. She has always believed in me and always said to me that I could get it done, and that’s what happened.

Elisa smiles while she is telling this, that’s because what Mara, her teacher, taught to her is not of little value.

Elisa Battistutta: mother in career

Meanwhile, Elisa got married and had a child. Nicole, her daughter, is 9 and a half years old and attends the fourth class at the elementary school. She is stubborn and very determined, just like her mother, but she is very similar to her father, as Elisa says.

There was a period in which I was studying, having a stage in D&CO company in Zoppola and working in a bar on the weekend’s evenings, to earn some more money, in a time when Nicole was just a little child. I slept very little!

Elisa Battistutta arrival in MOLO17  

It’s in those offices that she happened to know the future MOLO17. In the period of transition from a one-man business to a SRL, Daniele Angeli got to know Elisa in coworking offices and entrusted her with the countability management.

In 2017 I redacted my first balance sheet of the company, which had been very complex because of passing from simplified countability to an ordinary one. There’s a lot of work to do: we started with 4 people and now we are in 23!

And to make ends meet, Elisa has succeeded!

MOLO17 gave me the opportunity to grow in a professional way. If you have will and professionalism your work and your value is recognized. Currently I manage countability for three companies: MOLO17, The Harbor and MobileBridge.

Elisa beyond MOLO17

Elisa beyond MOLO17 has a sporting spirit: she likes to go to the gym, ski and mountain bike. Every Sunday, or almost every Sunday, he marches outdoors with his family. He struggles to stay still, he is in constant movement.

She speaks of herself as a determined, independent and sensitive woman.

In the future I see myself more confident professionally and with some more wrinkle. Maybe manager of the administration team, because of the company’s growth. I would move on into this taken path, I wouldn’t give up on it. I made a lot of sacrifices to arrive where I am right now, to study, to learn. It has been very difficult, I can tell this. After all these years, getting back on accountancy books wasn’t easy. In my future I want to create something that is mine, I have a lot of ideas and I want to realize them.

2019 – Premiazioni concorso interno MOLO17 Knowledge Route

Without revealing them, finally Elisa concludes the second chapter with these words:

I struggle to express my feelings, I am more confident with small actions. Words are hard to get out of me. If I have to go back in time, I have to say thank you to Daniele, who believed in me a lot. If I am here I owe it to him who gave me this chance. Obviously then I have invested all my energy and skills to make myself stand out and learn this job. A thank you is needed!

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