GlueSync's MongoDB to Couchbase real-time 2 way replication

General availability of MongoDB to Couchbase replication for GlueSync

More support for GlueSync: Announcing the availability of replication capability of MongoDB database with Couchbase via MOLO17\’s cloud-native data replicator, GlueSync.

MOLO17 proudly announces the availability of database replication between NoSQL databases, in addition of the already available RDBMS to NoSQL replication. With this capability is now possible to source changes from MongoDB and target Couchbase as a destination data store, a long-awaited step forward for GlueSync, our cloud-native real-time RDBMS and NoSQL data replicator. With the today\’s announcement we unveil the MongoDB-to-Couchbase replication capability with version 1.4 of GlueSync.

GlueSync, the plug&play solution for on-premises and cloud infrastructure for data offloading, caching, analytics or mobile use cases allows you now to replicate data in real-time from any major NoSQL to other NoSQL databases, to amplify your possibilities in terms of use-cases.

From GlueSync official documentation page: architecture example of MongoDB <-> Couchbase replication.

With on-the-fly data modelling capabilities, throughput of millions of documents per minute and a setup that requires minutes, GlueSync is the ideal companion for your journey to NoSQL and this newly added capability confirms MOLO17’s vision on connecting enterprise customers to modern, faster and affordable database technologies.

Enterprises looking to move from MongoDB to Couchbase are now capable of leveraging that, thanks of GlueSync\’s native integration with official vendor\’s technologies such as Change Streams and Eventing, ensuring a safe transition path towards Couchbase either Capella DBaaS or on-prem with real-time two ways replica. For more info about how it works you can have a look at our product documentation here at this link.

See it in action
Video DEMO real-time replication from MongoDB to Couchbase.

Now that GlueSync is capable of replicating data to and from homogeneous NoSQL databases it\’s time to extend the compatible NoSQL DBs portfolio: Aerospike, DynamoDB, HBase, Cassandra and many others.

What’s next

For more information about GlueSync you can visit our GlueSync official website.

Why MOLO17

MOLO17 is the reference partner for NoSQL solutions and has developed several projects using such technologies. Our mission is to ease the adoption of NoSQL databases with a safe & smooth towards it providing a comprehensive set of features out-of-the-box: real-time event-driven, no third-party tools dependency, high-availability and high-throughput approach.

About MOLO17

MOLO17 securely unlocks enterprise data potential with no downtime and no impact to business continuity. MOLO17 products and solutions offer the best of NoSQL database technologies to guarantee always-available consistent data and quality outcomes for mission-critical applications whether in the cloud, on premise and for all types of mobile device.

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