Unveiling Gluesync 1.5: A Leap Forward in Data Synchronization

Greetings to the Gluesync Community!

Today marks a significant milestone with the release of Gluesync 1.5. This version introduces groundbreaking enhancements that redefine the capabilities of data synchronization. Let\’s explore what makes Gluesync 1.5 a game-changer.


Support for Multiple Schemas in One Instance

This feature enables more complex data handling and organization by allowing multiple schemas to be managed simultaneously within the same Gluesync instance. This enhancement is particularly useful for scenarios requiring diverse data structures or segregated data management within a single system.

Case Sensitivity: Precise Data Handling

Gluesync now incorporates case sensitivity, ensuring greater accuracy and compatibility with databases of varied collation configurations.

Enhanced \”NoSQL to SQL\” Data Modeling

We\’ve substantially improved our \”NoSQL to SQL\” data modeling capabilities, offering you unprecedented flexibility in data replication. This includes support for custom scopes, table names, and data types, and the ability to handle duplicated table entries with ease.

Performance Leap: 10x Faster

Experience a dramatic improvement in performance with a 10x boost during initial snapshot activities and full table migrations. This enhancement ensures quicker and more efficient data synchronization.

Couchbase NoSQL Innovations

Full support for Scopes in Couchbase, elimination of the Metadata bucket, and synchronization of physical document deletion from Couchbase to any target database mark our commitment to continuous innovation on providing an unmatched experience in replication of Couchbase clusters.

New System Metrics: Enhanced Monitoring

Monitor your environment and resource usage more effectively with our new system metrics, including detailed insights into RAM, CPU, and network bandwidth.

Gluesync 1.5 isn\’t just an update; it\’s a transformation of how data synchronization is approached. We invite you to experience these advancements and share your valuable feedback.

A full list of all the new set of features that come with Gluesync 1.5 can be found here: What\’s new with Gluesync 1.5.

Welcome to a new era of data synchronization with Gluesync 1.5!

Happy Synchronizing!

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