GlueSync Tutorial Series – Field skipping and renaming

GlueSync is the real-time 2-way data streaming connector able to replicate data to and from RDBMS and NoSQL databases.

In this video tutorial, part of a series, Daniele, founder of MOLO17, will guide us through the two of the advanced functionalities of GlueSync: field skipping and on-the-fly field renaming, supported in both ways, meaning from the RDBMS to NoSQL and viceversa.

We’re also going to look at a customer use case with Euromacchine’s web application for managing production orders, connected to Couchbase and Microsoft SQL Server via GlueSync.

Useful links for resources used in that video:

Daniele will be more than happy to chat with you, reach him at: or quickly book an appointment.

GlueSync is a product by MOLO17.

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