Revolutionize data management with Gluesync for RavenDB by MOLO17. Achieve efficient, secure replication from RDBMS and NoSQL to RavenDB. Features include low-latency CDC, high bandwidth, and Java SDK integration. Offers TLS encryption, fitting various security policies. Ideal for AI and system integration, it supports major databases like Oracle, SQL Server, and MongoDB, ensuring scalable, high-performance data solutions.

Gluesync for RavenDB

The new standard for data replication over RavenDB: real-time speed plus on-the-fly data modeling

Setting up a new standard for data pipelines targeting RavenDB

Stop wasting time on migrating content from your existing database to RavenDB; it’s time to act quicker & smarter

Whether you are working with RavenDB in the Cloud or dealing with on-prem Server, Gluesync is your choice that natively supports RavenDB to replicate data from any major RDBMS or NoSQL databases. Gluesync’s cloud-native, containerized architecture makes installation and setup a snap: get the most out of your RavenDB by building new real-time data pipelines to connect it to existing databases, avoiding any migration risk

Hear it directly from the voice of our technology partner RavenDB

"We have assisted many organizations in migrating to RavenDB, often facing data migration challenges. This is where Gluesync has made a significant impact. Besides simplifying data transfer, it also saves time and cuts costs significantly. Through Gluesync, we can deliver value to our customers by simplifying an otherwise complex process"
Dejan Milicic
Dejan Milicic
Developer Advocate, RavenDB

Engineered for security and efficiency​

Tenancy through RavenDB’s collections and TLS encryption for ultra-secure data flow

Please don’t bother yourself with creating custom collections for your objects: Gluesync will do it automatically by creating a collection per each of the incoming entities (physical tables and custom-defined data models). Still, there’s room for customization, too; tell Gluesync how you’d like to name those. Data flows securely from source to RavenDB with enforced TLS encryption and is safely stored by adopting a 2-phase commit architecture

Native integration via SDK

Got RavenDB Cloud or running on-premises Server?

You don’t need to choose: RavenDB DBaaS (aka Cloud) and RavenDB Server are fully supported. Community edition users are also welcome

Gluesync’s unique design allows it to interoperate with both RavenDB Cloud DBaaS and its Server on-prem counterpart, including those who are running Community Edition. When targeting RavenDB, Gluesync automatically recognizes the kind of setup and adapts by making use of the different sets of APIs available

On-prem vs Cloud
High availability, failover and load balancing

High availability, failover and load balancing

Gluesync knows your RavenDB’s cluster topology unlike any other replication product out there

Gluesync has been crafted with our technology partner, RavenDB, to get the best out of its NoSQL database. When it runs, Gluesync continuously monitors and understands your cluster nodes’ availability thanks to implementing the complete set of cluster’s APIs. is so capable of spreading the workloads to all the nodes participating in the cluster, all is kept under complete control even when it comes the time of a node failure, so you won’t miss a single transaction

Replicate with no boundaries

From any major

Leverage real-time data replication from major RDBMSes like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and SAP ASE directly to RavenDB, making use of Gluesync’s CDC technology for a fast & de-risked incremental change replication. Initial data loads take a snap to be performed, and by defining custom data models, your RavenDB is then filled with immediately actionable data

NOSQL databases

Integrate data from existing NoSQL databases or migrate those entirely over RavenDB by plugging Gluesync in. Either the need is to migrate from your previous solution or to enrich the set of possibilities by making use of the powerful tools offered by RavenDB, you can now safely replicate your data from existing NoSQL platforms to RavenDB, with real-life benchmarks that reached up to 50.000 ops there are virtually no boundaries for your data strategy

What makes Gluesync unique​

Data modeling with nested objects support

Gluesync offers on-the-fly data modeling with support for ANSI SQL queries to describe the data model for the JSON document structure in NoSQL you'd like to get but it is not limited to that: through our Advanced data modeling feature you can nest incoming RDBMS objects into your JSON document with up to 2 level of deep

Transactions log-based CDC plus a blazingly-fast initial load

  • Take data out of any major RDBMS or NoSQL at incredible speeds
  • Replicate data changes incrementally avoiding risky data refreshes or heavy data imports
  • Every action counts: by reading your datasource's transaction logs Gluesync replays every each action happened to your data whether is an INSERT, UPDATE or a DELETE
  • Don't miss a single bit: your transactions are securely replayed to the target datastore only when our 2-phases commit implementation acknowledge the engine that every bit has been securely persisted
  • Reduced footprint: by managing and implementing change data capture via native datasource APIs we're always up-to-date with latest vendor updates and optimizations

Enterprise features

  • Built-in alerting system
  • Monitoring via Prometheus and REST API endpoints
  • Logging: fully user-customizable for advanced traceability
  • Designed for the containers era: natively supporting Kubernetes & Openshift

Access plenty of connectors, constantly evolving

Here is just a sample of the ever-increasing number of relational and non-relational databases Gluesync supports as replication sources: DynamoDB, IBM Db2, Couchbase, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP ASE and HBase. Check out the Gluesync documentation for a full matrix of all supported databases and features

Begin your data journey with RavenDB and Gluesync today


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Gluesync for RavenDB

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