Maximize real-time data replication with MOLO17’s Gluesync, compatible with Amazon DynamoDB. Transfer data between RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Couchbase) to/from DynamoDB. Utilize native DynamoDB Streams for efficient sync, supported by Docker, Kubernetes. Optimize storage with AWS S3. Explore a wide range of databases and advanced features for superior data handling.

Gluesync for DynamoDB

Connect DynamoDB to over 20+ other sources and targets and ignite a continuous bi-directional replication

Effortless DynamoDB integration for real-rime replication

Connect & transform your relational data models or keep DynamoDB in sync with other NoSQL DBs

Gluesync leverages the native DynamoDB Streams for Change Data Capture (CDC), enabling real-time synchronization and efficient two-way data flow. Deployable as a Docker container with Kubernetes support, Gluesync’s flexible architecture integrates effortlessly with major cloud platforms, ensuring high throughput and on-the-fly data modeling for a wide range of use cases from caching to analytics

Take the best out of AWS DynamoDB

Native APIs set for maximum performance and security

By implementing DynamoDB’s Streams native API, Gluesync is capable of leveraging all sets of features your DynamoDB provides, from ACID transactions up to fine-tunable provisioned throughputs to keep the best outcomes without hurting your pocket

20+ ready available source & targets

An unstoppable growing list of compatible sources and targets will make your DynamoDB even more capable

Give new superpowers to your DynamoDB, accessing a growing list of source and target connectors to create data pipelines that will bring data in & out of your favorite NoSQL key-value database. If you have Terabytes we got you covered: with Gluesync’s persisted & checkpointed snapshots, any long-running migration task is resilient from any network failure or broken links


Scale at every scale

Either small or large workloads are well suited for Gluesync

Gluesync makes replicating to and from DynamoDB a plug-and-play experience for growing businesses, startups, or large enterprises. Even our pricing model has been tailored to address DynamoDB’s user needs precisely, and if DynamoDB is not enough anymore, you can still perform a complete takeout with this same suite

Replicate with no boundaries

To and from

Replicate data from existing on-premise or cloud RDBMS platforms to DynamoDB for real-time data availability, reducing stress on critical legacy systems. Leverage DynamoDB’s easiness of use to drive precise key-value operations to serve as a caching solution by implementing not only a lively updating cache but also a write-back architecture by writing changes hitting the NoSQL back to your RDBMS

NOSQL databases

Facilitate the flow of data between DynamoDB and other leading NoSQL technologies like Aerospike, Couchbase, and MongoDB for enhanced performance, flexibility, and scalability in handling extensive data sets whether they are hosted in the same VPC, under different cloud providers or on-prem

Kafka and Data Lakes

Drive decision-making processes at the speed of light by serving DynamoDB’s data over larger & cheaper Big Data or Data Lakes platforms like Amazon S3, for example, maybe by skipping deletions to preserve historical data integrity within the cold storage. If you’re instead looking to stream your data right into Kafka or Solace PubSub+ queues, well… that is still the right place where to be

What makes Gluesync unique​

Data modeling with nested objects support

Gluesync offers on-the-fly data modeling with support for ANSI SQL queries to describe the data model for the JSON document structure in NoSQL you'd like to get but it is not limited to that: through our Advanced data modeling feature you can nest incoming RDBMS objects into your JSON document with up to 2 level of deep

Transactions log-based CDC plus a blazingly-fast initial load​

  • Take data out of any major RDBMS or NoSQL at incredible speeds
  • Replicate data changes incrementally avoiding risky data refreshes or heavy data imports
  • Every action counts: by reading your datasource's transaction logs Gluesync replays every each action happened to your data whether is an INSERT, UPDATE or a DELETE
  • Don't miss a single bit: your transactions are securely replayed to the target datastore only when our 2-phases commit implementation acknowledge the engine that every bit has been securely persisted
  • Reduced footprint: by managing and implementing change data capture via native datasource APIs we're always up-to-date with latest vendor updates and optimizations

Enterprise features

  • Built-in alerting system
  • Monitoring via Prometheus and REST API endpoints
  • Logging: fully user-customizable for advanced traceability
  • Designed for the containers era: natively supporting Kubernetes & Openshift

Access plenty of connectors, constantly evolving

Here is just a sample of the ever-increasing number of relational and non-relational databases Gluesync supports as replication sources: DynamoDB, IBM Db2, Couchbase, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP ASE and HBase. Check out the Gluesync documentation for a full matrix of all supported databases and features

Begin your data journey with DynamoDB and Gluesync today


Gluesync documentation: targeting towards DynamoDB


Gluesync documentation: sourcing from DynamoDB

Gluesync data replication from any major RDBMS and NoSQL to DynamoDB with CDC support

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