GlueSync Couchbase 7

GlueSync advanced tutorial – Getting started with scopes and collections for Couchbase 7

GlueSync is the real-time 2 way data replicator to and from RDBMS and NoSQL databases.

In this video tutorial, part of a series, Daniele, founder of MOLO17, introduces us to the Scopes and Collections support for GlueSync that comes with the new major release of Couchbase Server: Couchbase 7.

Starting with a schema and MS SQL Server tables, we see a demonstration of how GlueSync easily enables real-time synchronization from a RDBMS to Couchbase Server in a blink of an eye, supporting a scope and few collections in order to achieve logical grouping at document level, automatically managed by GlueSync.

Daniele also walks us through the possible use cases of this feature with a couple of examples and helpful hints.

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