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Gluesync 2.0: join the integration revolution

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Gluesync version 2, a major upgrade to our flagship data integration product. This new version brings a host of improvements and new features that will revolutionize how you manage and monitor your data pipelines.

Meet the Control Plane

The centerpiece of Gluesync 2.0 is our new web-based interface, the Control Plane. This intuitive tool allows you to create, manage, and monitor data pipelines with ease. Key features include:

  • An intuitive pipeline designer
  • Real-time monitoring and insights
  • An easy-to-use Web UI that simplifies data integration tasks

Brand New Architecture

We’ve completely overhauled Gluesync’s architecture to enhance flexibility and scalability. The new service-oriented architecture incorporates an agent-based approach, allowing seamless integration with various databases, data lakes, and other data storage platforms. We’ve also added APIs for ultimate control over your data pipelines.

Expanded Capabilities

Gluesync 2.0 isn’t just about a new interface and architecture. We’ve also expanded our support for various data sources and targets:

  • New support for MySQL & MariaDB transaction logs
  • Additional target integrations including ClickHouse, SingleStore, Snowflake, and Vertica
  • Many more connectors are coming soon

Plus, we’re working on over 50 upcoming enterprise features to make Gluesync even more powerful and versatile.

Join Our Release Party

To celebrate this major milestone, we’re hosting our first partner and customer-dedicated event to introduce Gluesync 2.0 and its roadmap. We’ll be holding two live-streamed sessions to accommodate different time zones:

  • One session for EU and Asia
  • One session for the Americas

Don’t miss this opportunity to get an in-depth look at Gluesync 2.0 and ask your questions directly to our team.

Try Gluesync 2.0 Today

We’re excited to announce our new Gluesync trial program. Now, you can get immediate access to a trial version of Gluesync 2.0. Simply fill out an online form, and we’ll send you a link to your desired Gluesync configuration right to your inbox.

Stay tuned to our LinkedIn and blog channels for more exciting announcements coming soon. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build with Gluesync 2.0!

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